Little Elm All-On-X Dental Implant Treatment For Adult Teeth Restoration Launch

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Millennium Smiles (469-200-8123) in Frisco announces that its All-On-X dental implant procedure is now available to patients in Little Elm, Texas. The practice uses the latest dental technology to restore missing teeth in adults.

The move caters to individuals who lost their teeth because of trauma, tooth decay, or injuries and now want a convenient and permanent solution to their tooth loss problems. The all-on-x procedure enables the patient to receive full-mouth tooth replacement in a single dentist visit.

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Compared to other dental implant techniques, the all-on-x system is a flexible treatment option that relies on the patient’s unique needs to determine the number of implants that are needed to support the prosthetic teeth.

Along with its flexibility, the all-on-x technique offers all the benefits of an implant-supported restoration. As the dentists clarified, the system involves embedding a medical-grade, biocompatible titanium rod in the patient’s jawbone to serve as a tooth root.

These implants are surgically placed in the jawbone in such a way that they take advantage of the patient’s bone density, eliminating the need for bone grafts. Performing an all-on-x procedure allows the dentists at Millennium Smiles to replace patients’ entire arch of teeth, either for the upper or lower jaw, using as little as two or up to six implants.

Once in place, a replacement tooth, typically made of zirconia or ceramic, is affixed to the implants, giving the patient a complete set of natural-looking smiles. These prosthetic teeth are crafted to reflect the color, size, and shape of the surrounding healthy teeth for a perfect blend.

All-on-x implants function and feel like natural teeth, and because of their stability and durability, they are fast becoming a preferred alternative to dentures.

About Millennium Smiles

Millennium Smiles is a privately owned dental practice with two locations in Frisco and Lebanon, Texas. The practice offers a wide range of dental solutions, including cosmetic, family, and emergency dentistry, as well as orthodontics, ozone therapy, and TMJ treatment.

A spokesperson said, “We offer a lot of effective solutions to missing teeth, but the most durable and longest-lasting are dental implants. Dental implants are the most secure and natural-feeling replacement solution for missing teeth. They can be used for a single missing tooth, a few teeth, or an entire upper or lower set.”

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