Parkville, MD Pedestrian Accident Personal Injury Law Firm, Service Launched

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Maryland Injury Guys Parkville (888-444-6132), the Parkville branch of Maryland’s largest personal injury attorneys, is now taking on pedestrian accident cases.

By representing injured pedestrians, the Parkville personal injury law firm is offering justice to accident victims and to allowing them to seek financial compensation for the trauma they have endured. Maryland Injury Guys Parkville understands that while a pedestrian accident often has little impact on the driver of the vehicle who has caused the accident, it can be a life-changing incident for the individual who has been struck down.

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The launch of their new pedestrian accident representation services coincides with the rising number of pedestrian accidents in the United States. As the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and State Highway Safety Offices recently reported, in 2022 there were 2.32 pedestrian deaths per billion vehicle miles traveled, up significantly from the historic average of 1.9 deaths.

As their nationwide report explained, there are many key reasons for this rise in both injuries and fatalities. This includes an increase in reckless driving behaviors, a lack of safe road crossings, and the prevalence of SUVs, which cause far greater injuries than smaller sedans in a pedestrian accident.

For Maryland Injury Guys Parkville, what this makes plain is that a pedestrian accident is almost never a pedestrian’s fault, and whether a reckless driver or a negligent local council is to blame, a case can be filed in court.

Maryland Injury Guys Parkville can help injured victims seek compensation for medical expenses, including both emergency care and ongoing rehabilitation and treatment. The law firm can also seek damages for loss of income, loss of quality of life, pain and suffering, and more.

Maryland Injury Guys Parkville is an esteemed personal injury law firm. They take their cases on a no-win, no-fee basis in order to ensure that all victims can obtain high-quality legal representation.

A spokesperson for lawyers said, “When pedestrians are left with personal injuries or worse after an accident, the Maryland Injury Guys vow to help. The civil justice system allows victims of pedestrian injuries to seek compensation from those who caused them harm. If you find yourself in this situation, contact us now for a free legal consultation.”

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