Custom Hoodies & Pullover Sweater Screen Printing: Bulk Buying Announced

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To meet the demands of the winter season, Nick and Justin Co, through okTSHIRT, has launched a number of new custom clothing options such as sweaters, pullovers, and other heavier fabric options.

These new offerings join a variety of cotton t-shirts, undershirts, and other assorted garments on the okTSHIRT custom printing store. These products are available to bulk order and are ideal for business meetups, school or charity events, family get-togethers, and other large-scale gatherings.

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The company has added these new garment options in order to provide businesses and other organizations with warm, high-quality clothing options during the winter months and beyond. These cotton garments are available for customization or in a variety of pre-made templates, which can be altered to suit the individual.

Businesses interested in partnering with okTSHIRT for their merchandising needs can set up a custom page on the company’s website in order to take advantage of the included distribution system. The company will set up custom pages accessible through the website’s front end to ensure maximum exposure.

The company offers options for men, women, and children as part of their unisex custom design service, with sizes ranging from small to XXL. Once submitted, designs are typically printed within a 24-hour window and can be delivered according to the needs of the client.

These new garments will appear on the okTSHIRT storefront alongside their preexisting cotton tee, apron, and toddler onesie options, all of which can be altered with help from the okTSHIRT support team.

When discussing their company’s mission, a spokesperson said, “Personalized t-shirts are also a suitable gift for both children and adults. Depending on the message, they can be offered for anniversaries, Christmas, wedding celebrations or other special occasions. Maybe you want to tell your mother that you appreciate her: a personalized t-shirt can speak for you”

The company uses direct-to-garment technology, which allows them to produce bulk custom orders at a faster rate. Interested parties can begin the process by submitting a design PDF or a brief description to the okTSHIRT team, who will then provide a quote and delivery estimate.

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