New Skedadle Gaming & Advertising App Helps Marketing Teams Track Ad Spend

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Skedadle is a new app which offers an unobtrusive way for businesses to advertise their products and services with branded content.

Skedadle, an app which supports sustainability by rewarding users for using sustainable transportation, discreetly shows ads in unintrusive banners. Marketing teams can now achieve higher consumer engagement and improve ROI on ad spend.

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Skedadle was launched to help businesses have more impactful marketing and avoid click fraud. According to owner and founder, Nick Macandrew, intrusive ads often alter a consumer’s perception of a specific brand, especially if the app requires focusing on a game. Commuters or those playing a game on a long trip will not want to engage in an app that constantly has invasive ads.

He created Skedadle to be an alternative solution where commuters can have fun playing various games and businesses can subtly display their ads. Businesses can boost brand awareness with impactful and innovative marketing, while accurately tracking ad spend.

Skedadle is a disruptive app that challenges the way companies advertise their brands to the everyday person. Whereas before ads were forced on consumers, who had to wait at least 5 seconds before clicking off, Skedadle allows users to continue with whatever they are doing without worrying about ads. Further, the platform rewards users with a small monetary reward for playing a game.

The app uses state-of-the-art technologies that prevent data tracking. This protects the private information of users who are always asked if they want the app to track their location at any time. Likewise, Skedadle never retains any bank details.

Skedadle is an old Scottish word that means to “depart quickly or hurriedly”. As a company, it is dedicated to keeping pace with today’s modern consumer, who typically enjoys a fast lifestyle. The team believes that people deserve to be rewarded for the little things, including taking public transportation.

A spokesperson for the company wrote, “We know what you’re thinking. We hear it all the time “it’s a scam”, “it’s too good to be true”, well it isn’t. It’s quite simple actually. We put ad revenue back into the pockets of our users. There’s no catch. All you need to do is play the experiences whilst traveling by bus, train, tram, or ride share and the money goes straight into your wallet.”

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