Seed Phrase Backup Tools & Recovery Plates Essential In 2023, Says New Report

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A new report by the leading US supplier of crypto hardware wallets and accessories explains why seed phrase recovery plates are essential for traders in 2023.

The Crypto Merchant, an authorized dealer of crypto hardware wallets, seed phrase recovery tools, and wallet cases, has released a report covering the best seed phrase backup tools for 2023.

“The majority of individuals choose to back up their seed phrase in some way such as writing the seed words down on paper or in a paper wallet or even memorizing them,” says the report. “However, paper can easily get lost or damaged and even our memories might fail us. If you store them online or on your phone, your accounts could easily be compromised.”

As such, the company recommends using some form of an offline seed backup tool. “No matter how you choose to store your seed recovery phrase, it’s important to have a secure backup in case something happens to your crypto wallet, and it’s preferable to store them offline,” writes the author.

Covering eight leading seed phrase recovery plates, The Crypto Merchant explains the main features of each tool. At the top of the list is Cryptotag Zeus – a premium seed phrase backup tool made from bulletproof titanium. It can store up to six seed phrases and features a tamper-proof design.

The Crypto Merchant also recommends SteelWallet by ShiftCrypto – a stainless steel seed storage device which holds up to 24 words. Consisting of two stainless steel plates, this recovery tool is fireproof, water-resistant, and impact-resistant.

For those looking for a more affordable option, without sacrificing security, the report recommends XSEED by SecuX. Made with industrial-grade aluminum, the two plates are fireproof and waterproof. The device can store up to eight wallets, which makes it a cost-effective solution for those with multiple wallets.

Other seed phrase recovery tools discussed in the report include Billfold, imKey Secret Box Pro, and XSEED Plus.

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