Las Cruces Vacant Rural Land & Barren Farmland Buyer For Cash Service Updated

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Land Avion (575-201-3662) has updated its vacant land acquisition service to now offer all-cash offers to landowners based in New Mexico and surrounding areas, irrespective of the reason for the land being sold.

This newly updated property purchase service now gives landowners the opportunity to quickly and easily sell land without having to pay any fees, commissions, or closing costs. The status of any offer made is not dependent upon the condition of the land.

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Land Avion is rolling out this redeveloped service to assist landowners that may struggle to sell plots through the conventional methods. Many of the lots that the company purchases are located in rural or underdeveloped areas, making them unappealing for either conventional agriculture or property development purposes. Cash offers will be made for all land types, including forestry, farmland, and commercial premises.

The inherent difficulties associated with the sale of barren, rural land are well-documented. According to numerous well-respected property agencies, one of the most important factors underpinning the sale of land is the location. If acreage is located in an area that is far from civilization and basic amenities, a conventional sale may be untenable. This highlights the benefit of selling land to a company that can make landowners a formal cash offer under any circumstances.

Land Avion does not take the personal circumstances of the landowner into consideration when preparing a valuation of any land. The company understands that people avail of its services for a variety of reasons, with some of the most common including the avoidance of foreclosure, accelerating a slow sale, and getting rid of unwanted land that was inherited.

All of the company’s offers are made within 24 hours and are obligation-free. The valuations are based upon various geographical facts and trends, such as recent sales data and the prices attributed to similar lots in the wider area. After the client has signed the purchase agreement, funds will be sent via check or wired into the client’s bank account. Although the bulk of land purchases occur in New Mexico, the company is also acquiring lots in the surrounding areas.

Based in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Land Avion has pioneered a proprietary streamlined land purchasing service since the 1990s.

One satisfied client remarked: “It was a huge relief not to have to pay the tax on this inherited property anymore.”

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