Options Trading & Short Selling Course | Day Traders Mentorship Program Launched

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‘My Investing Club’ has launched a mentorship program for day traders of all skill levels to learn options trading.

The trading club’s recently launched one-on-one mentorship program teaches traders short selling, with a focus on options trading. They will be taught how to pick stocks by reading SEC filings and using fundamental analysis.

For more information, visit https://myinvestingclub.com

Options trading can be used on various financial products, including indices, ETFs, and equities. It offers traders attractive opportunities, although, without the right education and support, they can also expose themselves to unnecessary risk. The latest course was designed to help them avoid common pitfalls and make more informed decisions.

‘My Investing Club’ recommends using fundamental analysis when learning to trade options because it is more accurate and makes trading less of a “gamble” and more like a science. This method uses the company’s business model and influence to predict its growth. Using fundamental analysis, investors learn to identify stocks that will grow within a short period of time, usually within hours for day traders.

An “option” is a contract that enables traders to buy or sell a financial product like an ETF at a price that was previously agreed upon and at a specified period of time. Options traders are not trading shares or ownership of a part of a company but the stock’s potential for growth.

There are two main positions in options trading: calls and puts. A call is a contract to buy, and a put is a contract to sell. When traders expect stock prices to go up, they buy a call option, but if they expect the prices to drop, they buy a put option. However, there is a risk that the stock will not grow as expected, but the trader will still be obligated to sell or buy it. ‘My Investing Club’ explains that to prevent this from happening, they teach traders the skills necessary to get into the right trends.

Platform members can access one-on-one mentorship, a state-of-the-art learning management system with a video encyclopedia of day trading, and weekly webinars with the most recent market updates and working strategies.

More information is available at https://myinvestingclub.com

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