Inventor Entrepreneurship Mentorship Program: Product Development Support Launch

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A business education provider is helping inventors transition to entrepreneurship through its mentorship programs.

IdeaPros has announced mentorship opportunities to inventors who want to take their inventions to market by launching a new business. These opportunities are available through online courses and a partnership program unique to the company.

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One has the option to sign up for either the Purpose Drive Entrepreneur or the Business Starter Pack or take both at a special price. Both of these courses offer a systematic approach to launching a new business, with the Business Starter Pack delving into more specialized topics such as industry and market research and fundraising, among others.

What sets these courses apart from other online programs is the opportunity to brainstorm with a mentor, who can be consulted about the marketability of an invention or how to better position it in a particular market.

IdeaPros has a multi-disciplinary team that includes inventors like Wes Cross, a mechanical engineer who has designed drones, engines, and even jet packs, and Ira Hayes, an aeronautical scientist and the creator of the Smart Cube locking device.

“Complementing these two are some of the most successful business thinkers of our time, such as product developers who have used inventions as a launch pad for multi-million-dollar business ventures,” a company spokesperson said. “Their advice will be of tremendous value to any inventor.”

Apart from online learning, IdeaPros also offers a means for inventors to partner with the company in the development of a product, with the goal of taking it to market. This option is available to anyone with a potentially marketable idea or invention, but it requires submitting oneself to a rigorous evaluation process.

After getting the approval of the entire team, the successful applicant will have the option to accept IdeaPros as a minority partner. IdeaPros’ role in this partnership is to turn the idea or invention into a marketable product.

“As your partner, we’ll share the risk of turning your idea into a real business, so you can be sure that we’ll stick with you to the end,” the spokesperson said, adding that this arrangement has led to the creation of over 350 new companies.

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