New Orleans Flat Fee Food Delivery Service For Independent Restaurants Announced

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Out Do Delivery has announced that they are bringing a new food delivery program to New Orleans that will give restaurants lower fees than other competing services.

Out Do Delivery has announced this new program to give small businesses access to a reliable delivery network at a low flat rate. The service offers menu management tools, standard low rate pricing and access to easy online training sessions.

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Out Do Delivery has stated that they are bringing this service to New Orleans in order to prevent price gouging and to give business owners a more budget-friendly partner for their delivery needs. Instead of the percentage-based pricing model of the competition, this service uses a universal $2-per-delivery system.

Over the past two years, the “big three” of the delivery industry have raised rates by over 15%, taking up to 30% of the total cost of the order per delivery. Out Do Delivery has made their announcement based on the belief that delivery services should not make more on a given order than the restaurant itself.

Restaurants that sign up with this new service will gain access to an instant payment system that is unique in the food delivery industry. Processing is conducted through a proprietary system, which automatically deducts the flat-rate fee and distributes the remainder directly to the business owner, rather than to a third-party service.

One business owner said, “My restaurant started saving in delivery fees ever since we made the switch to offer [this service] to our customers. Instead of paying around 30% in fees, which cuts into my profit, we only pay $2 per order, which is such a blessing. As a restaurant owner, I can definitely say it has been a tremendous help.”

Customers and delivery drivers also benefit from the service’s unique business model. Instead of varying service fees, customers have the option to pay $5 per delivery or join a membership program that entitles them to unlimited deliveries for $10 a month.

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According to the creators of the service, the low cost of deliveries and the absence of hidden fees encourage customers to be more generous about tips, which are credited directly to drivers.

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