Schererville, IN Carpet Hot Water Deep Cleaning & Brush Care Services Launch

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Hammond, Indiana-based carpet and floor cleaners Ajax Carpet Service (219-933-1019) have expanded their operations to the nearby Schererville community, providing hot water extraction-based carpet cleaning plans alongside vacuuming and repair services.

The latest Schererville expansion widens access around the company’s Hammond headquarters to professional carpet servicing options for local homeowners. Ajax Carpet Service ensures that its customers can select cleaning methods suited to repair their carpet’s condition.

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By expanding to Schererville, the established cleaners can offer residents in and around the area the advantages of their comprehensive carpet care. Alongside deep cleaning and hot water extraction methods, Ajax Carpet Service is able to restore time-worn carpets via vacuuming, re-stretching, and repair programs as per the needs of its customers.

Promoting eco-conscious values through their operations, the Hammond-area carpet experts pledge to help homeowners maintain a healthier living environment. Utilizing gentle, non-toxic solutions supplemented by heated water, Ajax Carpet Service aims to provide individuals and families with a cleaner long-term option.

Its Truck-Mounted Hot Water Extraction options come recommended as the company’s most suitable cleaning technique for this purpose. Ajax Carpet Service describes the procedure as a particularly thorough method, targeting a deeper level of cleaning than either shampooing or dry cleaning.

Schererville locals with pets will also benefit from the complete removal of odors and stains that can be achieved through Ajax Carpet Service’s care. After inspecting carpet sites in order to assess the level of damage, its technicians are equipped to carry out a detailed plan of action based on the carpet’s material and type – including a final brush-based grooming step.

In addition to the company’s carpet service plans, its expertise further extends to floor and surface care. Its three-pronged approach offers Schererville homeowners multifaceted floor and carpet repairs, installations, and cleaning for an optimal restorative effect. As such, representatives explain that their services are ideal for squeaky floors.

“Don’t call a carpenter who might ruin your carpet to get at the squeaks,” says a spokesperson. “Just call us and we’ll take care of the whole job in one day. On top of that, we’ll clean the carpet at the same time. Three jobs in one: fix the floor, re-install the carpet, clean the carpet. How’s that for customer convenience?”

Interested parties in Schererville are invited to visit to learn more about Ajax Carpet Service and its specialist carpet deep-cleaning options.