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With software development remaining one of the most in-demand skillsets across the US, ParallelStaff expands its nearshore staffing solutions to include engineers from a wide variety of disciplines.

The company now offers access to Latin American software development engineers to augment existing IT capability and can also create dedicated teams to begin or progress a specific project. All candidates have been assessed for their technical and English-speaking capabilities, and come with significant experience in back-end, front-end, or mobile development.

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ParallelStaff states that its enhanced nearshore staffing solution offers several advantages when compared to traditional offshore outsourcing. These include the ability of team members to work in the same time zone or on-site, greater familiarity with US technology and working culture, and a streamlined hiring process that allows staff to be on-boarded in 5-10 business days.

One impact of the pandemic was a greater reliance on technology, causing many industries to initiate or accelerate their digital transformation programs. Software developers are central to these efforts, creating a demand for skilled and experienced engineers that is outstripping supply. Market intelligence firm IDC, in particular, projects a shortfall of 4 million developers by 2025.

While outsourcing has long provided the ability to scale a software development project in a short timeframe, ParallelStaff states that offshore services can be unreliable in terms of quality. The company’s nearshore staffing service aims to address this shortcoming, offering a diverse pool of pre-screened candidates that retains the cost-effective nature of outsourcing.

As mentioned, time-to-hire has now been reduced to between 5 and 10 business days. Clients are invited to submit job descriptions, following which the company will identify and put forward the most suitable candidates. ParallelStaff also now assists with the onboarding process with the intention of helping staff integrate with client organizations as quickly as possible.

About ParallelStaff

Headquartered in Richardson, Texas, ParallelStaff offers outsourced talent with a specific focus on the US market. The company maintains a strict hiring process that includes base competence screening, English language proficiency assessments, technical proficiency assessments, and in-depth background checks.

One Chief Technology Officer recently stated: “The team at ParallelStaff has been fantastic. They are happy to operate under pressure and take satisfaction in attracting the top talent in the industry. ParallelStaff has supplied us with high-quality engineers who have created outstanding products, and we couldn’t be happier.”

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