Merchant Chimp Applauded For Helping Businesses Save and Prepare For Recession

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With an expected tough year ahead for many US businesses, Merchant Chimp has been working closely with SMEs across all industries to renegotiate and reduce their merchant services contracts and POS fees, saving clients over 20% on average.

As many US businesses brace for a turbulent 2023 with the looming recession, Merchant Chimp has been recognized for advising and working with small and medium-sized enterprises across the country by helping them review, report, renegotiate and save on their POS and merchant services fees.

This recognition comes as the difficulty for companies to cover the increased costs to do business and maintain sustainable gross margins is getting harder by the day, especially when you’re paying high credit card and payment processing fees – before your hard earned money even lands in your bank account!

Merchant Chimp is renowned not only for their low rates and fees, but also their complimentary reporting, 24/7 customer service, software and hardware integration flexibility, tailored point of sale solutions and month-to-month contracts.

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One New York-based business owner commented: “My business has had a tough few years during and post-pandemic. Finding ways to save money on my day-to-day operations has been difficult.

Since working with Merchant Chimp, they have helped me save over 25% on my total payment processing costs and they even gave me better POS hardware than my previous provider, as part of my new contract too.

To think I’m saving on every transaction is a good feeling. I can’t thank them enough.”

A Dallas restaurant owner quoted: “Merchant Chimp helped my five restaurants survive the pandemic. With more tough times ahead, I’m grateful to have them in my corner and always looking to help me save on my merchant services costs.”

An Orange County manufacturing company executive said: “We approached Merchant Chimp with an existing unfavorable merchant services contract. They did a deep-dive into our transaction history and reported on all of our payment processing rates and fees.

They actually bought us out of that contract and rolled us into a new month-to-month agreement, saving us 21% on payment costs. As a business, we wouldn’t be as prepared for the potential recession without them. Thank you Ben and the Merchant Chimp team!”

In response to this accolade, a member of the Merchant Chimp team mentioned in a recent interview: “As a team comprised of business owners, we got sick and tired of wasting so much money on credit card fees. We know the problem of rising expenses and running out of options to reduce them. That’s why we’ve decided to make a better solution for all SMEs and enterprises, one that will transparently show costs and cut merchant fees by 20-50%.”

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