Toronto Honeywell 16x25x5 Merv 11 Furnace Filter For Improved Air Quality Launch

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United Filter Company Ltd (905-403-0160), a distributor and manufacturer of air filtration products, now offers the Honeywell 16x25x5 MERV 11 filter for homeowners in Toronto, Ontario.

Used to remove impurities and debris such as hair, pollutants, and dust, the recently added 5-inch furnace filter not only enhances the quality of indoor air but also increases the life of the heating unit itself. As outdoor temperatures decrease, furnace use increases in order to keep homes warm, which leads to a lot of air passing through the filtration system. United Filter Company Ltd recommends replacing them on a regular basis if they are to remain effective.

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As colder weather begins to take hold and families look to stay warm, the company’s latest product expansion is aimed at helping Toronto residents maximize the efficiency of their HVAC units. While many variations of furnace filters exist, the new filter by Honeywell comes with an excellent MERV rating, making it an ideal choice for local homeowners.

A spokesperson for the company explained: “There are numerous furnace filter choices out there. Selecting an incorrect filter can cause more harm to your furnace than good. It could actually result in the furnace breaking down.”

The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) ranges from 1 to 16, representing a filter’s efficiency that correlates with filtration effectiveness. United Filter recommends the Honeywell 16x25x5 MERV 11 Filter as a viable solution for clients looking to effectively control indoor allergens and improve air quality.

The most common filter type is made from disposable fiberglass, which provides filtration for large particle pollutants but does not provide adequate protection for individuals who suffer from allergies or asthma. Another popular option that many homes and businesses have is a pleated filter. Made out of cotton or polyester, the material in a pleated filter traps smaller particles that may slip through fiberglass filters.

The Honeywell 16x25x5 MERVE 11 Filter uses synthetic media, with a 300% longer lifespan than fiberglass models, and comes in a case of 3 filters. It boasts a MERV 11 rating, ensuring a significant percentage of particles captured.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Most people pay little attention to their HVAC system. As long as it’s keeping them warm during winter, why worry about it? We get it. But there can be real impact with small things, and choosing the right filter is one of them.”

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