Investfox: Bringing Clarity to the Thai Financial Market

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A new fintech startup called investfox has already been making waves in the investment industry with its powerful filters and dedication to helping people understand the investment world through transparency and trustworthy reviews. Now, having set themselves up as a market leader in this space, they have set their sights on bringing all this to the Thai market. 

“The whole idea behind investfox stems from the massive spike in financial fraud that has been hitting the market and draining the pockets of hard-working investors,” said Konstantin Rabin, the founder of investfox, “we want to make sure that people have accurate information and are able to base their financial decisions on reality, not just smoke and mirrors.”

This new addition to the fintech world has the aim of helping to educate people on what good investments are and how to find them The way that investfox is approaching this is through unbiased expert reviews and giving people a platform for reliable user feedback. 

“Having seen the data coming from the National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDC) in 2022 showing that nearly half of all Thai people have fallen victim to scams in a single year, and the majority of these being of a financial nature, I knew that Thai should be one of the first languages we should translate the site into”, said Mr. Rabin.

What can be found on investfox?

Seeing the need, just 6 months after investfox launched they had already started work on a Thai version of the website. Although the site chose to approach the issues through reliable expert and user reviews,, investfox also has a strong emphasis on educating its users by providing a large selection of clearly written knowledge base articles that covers almost every topic related to the financial markets, giving anyone with an interest clear and actionable information about currency, stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrency trading.

Because user reviews have become so important to consumer decision-making over the last decade, the investfox team took a long hard look at the market before putting their own system of unbiased reviewing into practice.

The first mission was to get their industry experts to start reviewing the most popular investment platforms, by signing up and going through the process just like any new investor would. They would then rate their experience using a well-crafted point system that covers every aspect of the account opening, trading, and deposit/withdrawal parts of the site.

After the review section was well underway, investfox added the ability for people to be able to compare different brokers by adding a modern filtering and sorting tool that allows users to find the perfect broker based on a variety of choices such as the licenses they hold, the platforms they offer, and so on.

This filtering system allows users to see the list automatically update as they enter their inputs, making it fast, convenient, and a perfect fit for the current streamlined era of technology.

What is investfox planning for 2023?

While 2022 saw the company soft launch the main version of their website and translations of the investfox site into Indonesian (bahasa Indonesia), 2023 has already seen the nearly complete launch of the website into Thai, with more languages on the horizon.

At present, the team at investfox is keen to keep tackling the South East Asian market and bringing transparency to this region through localized versions of the site and a focus on delivering the best user experience possible for those looking to safely get involved in financial markets. 

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