Kissimmee, FL Virtual Assistant Agency: Time & File Management Support Announced

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Virtual office support provider Specialized Office Support has updated its services, offering time and file management assistance to local businesses in Kissimmee, FL.

With the update, Specialized Office Support is allowing businesses to outsource repetitive time and file management operations to virtual assistants. In doing so, they aim to help business owners optimize their operations.

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Research shows that over 300,000 jobs are outsourced annually in the United States. Globally, the outsourcing market is valued at $93 billion, of which the U.S. market accounts for $62 billion. With 66% of U.S. businesses now outsourcing at least one department, professional services must be available to meet the demand.

Specialized Office Support provides these outsourcing solutions to businesses through their virtual assistant services. “We add the best fit of technology to your process, so it is reliable and efficient, maximizing productivity, time, and money,” explains a spokesperson for the company.

Specialized Office Support’s virtual assistants perform many tasks and duties in terms of time and file management. They streamline workflow and manage multiple calendars and communication threads, as well as keep jobs on schedule and ensure deadlines are met. They also de-clutter systems and organize downloads using safe and secure measures, so only necessary files are kept. This, in turn, helps with accounting, bookkeeping, human resources, and more.

According to the company, outsourcing offers a number of benefits to small businesses. It reduces labor costs, regulates bookkeeping, and increases revenues, all of which help to keep cash flow high. It also provides businesses with outside expertise and fresh perspectives. Further, it improves efficiency and productivity by freeing up businesses to focus on more important tasks.

“Outsourcing isn’t just strategic and tactical,” said a satisfied client. “Virtual assistants afford a better work-life balance, which is crucial for any business. Once you make a move, the invisible hand gets to work. If you run a business, it’s a no-brainer.”

Business coach and consultant Amy Wall started Specialized Office Support in 2018. In addition to time and file management services, the company also provides business management, consulting, analytics, logistics, bookkeeping, accounting, financial data input and reporting, and event support.

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