Hacking Assessment Tutorial For Educators To Help Students Learn: Book Released

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Times 10 Publications, a US publisher that specializes in books for professional development in education, has released a new edition of their popular tutorial book on assessment.

The new book is called Hacking Assessment Second Edition: 10 Ways to Go Gradeless in a Traditional Grades School. It has been written by Starr Sackstein, an esteemed educator, pedagogical expert, educational consultant and author. The second edition of this influential paradigm-changing text is now available through Times 10 Publications as both a paperback and as a digital download.

More information is available at https://www.10publications.com/hacking-assessment-second-edition

The release of Hacking Assessment follows on from a recent article published on Education Week about the need for the American approach to assessment to change. In particular, the report focused on the need for deeper and more meaningful assessment in the US, that which gives a more fully rounded picture of student achievement.

Starr Sackstein agrees and believes that the US is unnecessarily beholden to models of standardized testing and student categorization that benefit neither student nor teacher. As such, she broadly proposes a shift away from assessment of learning, i.e. simplistic diagnostic tests, to assessment for learning, i.e. rich student-directed learning projects. By doing so, Sackstein believes that assessment can be used to help students learn.

As such, Times 10 Publications’ Hacking Assessment is underscored by the principle of going gradeless, even within a traditional schooling paradigm.

More information on the system Sackstein proposes can be accessed at https://www.10publications.com/assessment-books

In order to make this bold yet necessary change, in the second edition of Hacking Assessment, Starr Sackstein has included 100 all-new strategies and resources that teachers and school administrators can implement to create a better assessment program and a better curriculum.

Hacking Assessment Second Edition: 10 Ways to Go Gradeless in a Traditional Grades School is now in print. It is a part of Times 10 Publications’ HACK Learning Series, which focuses on some of the biggest challenges facing education in the United States and strategies to improve both student and teacher outcomes.

A spokesperson for the publishers said, “Starr Sackstein is back with an updated road map for educators to hack grading and assessment. Readers will learn about the flaws of traditional assessment systems and how to make immediate changes so students can better advocate for themselves as learners.”

More details can be found at https://www.10publications.com

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