Jupiter, FL Fitness Trainer Branded Mini Site For Coaches’ Revenue Growth Launch

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As announced by FitnessAtYourDoor (+1-561-635-7819), its trainer-centered South Florida fitness program has been expanded to allow personal coaches in the Jupiter area to easily find local clients for their workout and nutrition sessions.

The expansion widens access beyond the Miami area to what the company describes as a “cheat code for trainers.” This refers to the way FitnessAtYourDoor unlocks convenient billing models for the benefit of fitness coaches throughout the area while connecting them with local potential clients in a simplified process.

For more information see https://fitnessatyourdoor.com/trainwithus

With the move, FitnessAtYourDoor aims to support personal trainers in Jupiter and nearby as they attempt to grow their business. Owner Kashawn Fraser stresses that his platform has been developed to counter conventional gym-based coaching programs that typically involve demanding work schedules with relatively lower pay.

As such, FitnessAtYourDoor works with trainers to provide a reliable network of paying clients while making it easier to schedule mutually suitable exercise sessions. Placing a priority on flexibility for its coaches, the platform presents an opportunity for trainers to work alongside a steady base of individuals and groups who are interested in improving their health.

Kashawn Fraser asks trainers in Jupiter: “Train at a big gym that traps you like a hostage for 12 hours a day, pays you basically nothing and couldn’t care less about you? No thanks. You end up feeling like your business is running you – instead of you running it. That is exactly why I built the FitnessAtYourDoor platform.”

Fraser goes on to explain that FitnessAtYourDoor is specifically designed to act in the manner of an agent for its trainers. Rather than spending time attaining clients and securing long-term commitments, trainers in Jupiter can now focus on tailoring and developing workout sessions.

In effect, FitnessAtYourDoor handles billing and management arrangements on behalf of its trainers with up-front payments providing coaches with peace of mind going forward. In addition, those working on the platform can sync their digital calendars onto the website so as to offer clarity on their own availability to clients and prevent overbooking errors.

In the words of a company spokesperson: “You get consistent income without having to be in a gym, without giving up your own brand, without killing yourself with customer service, begging and pleading for renewals or struggling to find new clients. The clients love it because we do the due diligence for them and make sure they’re getting qualified and vetted trainers.”

Interested parties in and around Jupiter can find further details about FitnessAtYourDoor and its health coaching platform at https://fitnessatyourdoor.com/trainwithus

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