Seattle Traditional Egyptian Sugaring For Clear Skin: Spa Treatment Updated

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Award-winning Seattle, WA luxury spa Penelope and the Beauty Bar (206-438-1750) is updating its skin care and body treatments with a select line of beauty brands and traditional Egyptian sugaring performed by specially trained beauticians.

The newly updated treatment is for men or women who need non-invasive hair removal treatments performed by skilled aestheticians. Penelope and the Beauty Bar, located in Seattle’s Fairmont Olympic Hotel, offers the most advanced skincare and body treatments available today and are front runners in the Egyptian sugaring method.

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Traditional Egyptian sugaring dates back thousands of years. Penelope and the Beauty Bar beauticians use is this same hair removal method for outcomes that are as effective as waxing but not nearly as painful. With an updated line of world-class products paired with this natural and hypoallergenic treatment, Seattle men and women now have a better hair removal option that lasts longer than shaving and reduces regrowth as well.

Sugaring is a non-abrasive, non-comedogenic form of hair removal that uses a paste made of sugar, water, and lemon juice to gently remove facial and body hair.

The treatment is effective for all skin types but is especially recommended for individuals with sensitive skin who are not good candidates for waxing, and those with lightly pigmented facial hair who don’t respond as well to Diolaze laser hair removal.

Highly trained beauticians apply the sugar paste to the face or body in the direction the hair grows. The mixture adheres to the hairs but not the skin so that when it’s removed, it brings with it all accumulated debris, dead skin cells, and entire hairs plucked from the root.

The method is more effective than shaving because instead of cutting the hair and strengthening it, full hair strands are removed, restricting blood flow to the follicles which reduces regrowth.

Egyptian sugaring is also more effective than home exfoliating and hair removal creams because of its water-soluble properties that won’t clog pores or cause in-grown hairs.

Penelope and the Beauty Bar offers a full menu of Egyptian sugaring treatments that include brow, lip, chin, and jawline treatments as well as bikini area treatments for men and women, arm, back, leg, and shoulder treatments.

Men can book sugaring for more comfortable chest and back hair removal and for sideburn maintenance.

With a range of Egyptian sugaring treatments and the most advanced skin care products available today, Penelope and the Beauty Bar offers Seattle residents a gentler yet highly effective hair removal option.

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