Modern Teaching Strategy Book | Hybrid Classroom Technology Guide Launched

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Times 10 Publications has partnered with author and educator Hollie Woodard to publish an updated version of “Hacking Flex Teaching”, a guide for teachers seeking to create more effective lesson plans in a hybrid classroom setting.

This newly updated guidebook provides readers with 10 actionable tips for educators operating in a hybrid or remote learning environment. The text addresses the many challenges that this model of learning presents while providing some easily implemented solutions to make remote learning more engaging.

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Woodard’s new book has been published to help mitigate some of the damage that has been done to the morale, attention span, and general enthusiasm of students during the pandemic. Many schools are still practicing the hybrid model but have not yet made meaningful adjustments to best utilize the format – a problem which Woodard seeks to fix here.

“Hacking Flex Teaching” contains tips that are intended to save time when planning lessons alongside advice on how to best utilize the technology available. She also explores ways in which educators can manage the classroom culture and instructional style across the many different types of remote learning.

Woodard’s experience comes from a dual focus on education and technology in her time as a coach and public speaker. This line of work has equipped her in a unique way to explore the intersection of tech and learning, as she does in this new book.

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One reviewer said, “Woodard’s book is a practical and approachable guide to finding success in the future of education in every setting and level. It is like no other book currently on the market. Written from a wealth of experience pre-pandemic and empathy for the technophobic, Woodard provides tips and strategies for every teacher.”

The tips she presents in this book are especially targeted for those unfamiliar with the tools available to remote teachers, but can also be helpful for teachers who are veterans in the field. Many of her tips encourage gradual growth and cautious development, making them ideal for teachers of all experience levels.

This book joins a number of others in the Times Ten Publications “Hack Learning” series. Across the multiple volumes, teachers will find actionable advice on a wide variety of pedagogical topics, contained in digestible paperback volumes.

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