Collaborating Docs Can Connect Physicians for Multiple Nurse Practitioners

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Match with a collaborating physician in 14 days or less or your money back! Not to mention that you will also need to secure and pay for your physician’s malpractice coverage as well.

Collaborating Docs Can Connect Physicians for Multiple Nurse Practitioners

January 1st, 2022: Collaborating Docs is pleased to announce that they can connect multiple nurse practitioners with a collaborating physician that meets their needs. While they specialize in working with nurse practitioners who want to open a personal practice, they can also work with nurse practitioner offices with multiple employees.

Collaborating Docs meets with nurse practitioners or their representatives to discuss their unique needs and determine which of their network of physicians will best suit their needs. They work with collaborating physicians in fifty states, ensuring that every nurse practitioner’s office can connect with someone who will fit their requirements. The collaborating physicians are responsible for checking at least 10 percent of all files monthly, holding video check-in calls to ensure everything is running smoothly, and providing availability during business hours for questions and guidance.

Collaborating Docs recognizes that each state has specific requirements for the work a collaborating physician performs for nurse practitioners. They aim to ensure every nurse practitioner or nurse practitioner practice works with a doctor who recognizes state-specific requirements to ensure complete compliance.

Anyone interested in learning how they connect physicians with multiple nurse practitioners in one practice can find out more by visiting the Collaborating Docs website to schedule a consultation.

About Collaborating Docs: Collaborating Docs was created to simplify the process of finding a collaborating physician so nurse practitioners can practice following the appropriate guidelines. They have a network of over 500 available doctors in all fifty states to ensure every nurse practitioner can find a collaborating doctor. They offer free consultations to show nurse practitioners how they can help in just fourteen days. This service makes it easy for nurse practitioners to start their practice without the expense of hiring a doctor to work on-site.

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