Boca Raton Treatment Resistant Depression Therapy: IV Ketamine Infusion Update

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Boca Raton, FL – Ketamine & Infusion Clinic of South Florida (954-398-5257) updates its ketamine treatment for depression. Intravenous infusions of the medication have been shown to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideations.

The regenerative medicine center announces that its services have been further improved to include the latest research on ketamine therapy for treatment-resistant depression. According to one published study in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, the alternative treatment may reduce symptoms of severe depression, including thoughts of self-harm.

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The treatment is recommended for adults who are not responding to traditional antidepressant medications, have a major depressive disorder or have suicidal thoughts. Researchers have found that ketamine IV infusion therapy is particularly effective in reducing suicidal ideations in just hours after injection due to its fast-action mechanisms.

This makes IV ketamine therapy a viable option for those suffering from treatment-resistant depression. Its efficacy is further enhanced when combined with other talk therapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, integration, and psychoanalysis.

As ketamine works on a physiological level and balances the brain, patients learn better coping strategies to lessen feelings of worthlessness and stress during moments of depression. Data proves that an integrative approach to depression treatment may reduce the risk of relapse by around 70%.

In the aforementioned study, scientists found that patients with treatment-resistant depression displayed a marked improvement in their symptoms after six weeks of ketamine therapy. Of this population, half of them had suicidal ideations and severe anxiety. However, these feelings were lessened after multiple ketamine treatments.

The clinic explains that ketamine increases a chemical in the brain called glutamate, which has been shown to play a key role in mood regulation. Researchers have found that lower levels of glutamate may lead to depression symptoms. Ketamine may also stimulate the neuroplasticity of the brain, which may change negative thought patterns that contribute to depression.

Ketamine & Infusion Clinic of South Florida takes pride in its individualized treatment plans for patients with treatment-resistant depression and there are many happy patient reviews as seen here

Ketamine therapy may also be used for other mood disorders such as anxiety and PTSD. It may be recommended for severe migraines, as well, depending on the patient’s medical history.

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