Merchant Chimp Helps SMEs Identify Hidden Payment Fees With Detailed Reporting

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One of the leading merchant services providers in the US, Merchant Chimp, has been recognized for supporting small and medium-sized enterprises with their detailed merchant and cost-saving reporting, which has on average saved businesses over 20% in total processing costs.

Merchant Chimp has been recognized as one of the best performing merchant services providers in the US for their reputation and track record of helping businesses analyze and identify unnecessary payment processing fees in their current contracts.

The company has been endorsed for their industry-leading, no-obligation merchant reporting and ability to renegotiate clients out of those unfavorable contracts, generally saving new clients over 20% on their total processing costs.

Merchant Chimp is well-equipped to assist businesses restructure their current merchant services contracts and get out of those nasty long-term agreements that are often no longer applicable or favorable to the client.

They also only offer month-to-month contracts, with confidence that clients will remain satisfied, but more importantly, offer transparency and flexibility in case their clients’ needs change.

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When speaking with a number of existing Merchant Chimp clients, it was made apparent that there are a number of other benefits from working with Merchant Chimp than just their low fees!

One client said: “Merchant Chimp saved me 22% on my existing merchant services contract and made it so easy to switch out of that contract, which has allowed me to invest more money back into the business and bottom line. Over the years Merchant Chimp would have literally saved me thousands of dollars.”

Another business commented: “I couldn’t believe how easy it was for Merchant Chimp to identify all the hidden fees and charges I was paying. I was shocked at how much I could save and they helped me get out of my existing agreement with ease.”

Merchant Chimp is also renowned for their dedicated account management, no bill-backs, 99% software integration and premium customer service – with minimal wait times and 24/7 support. More information can be found at