Fanwood Teen Depression & Anxiety Talk Therapy & Mental Health Counseling Update

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Scotch Plains, NJ – Christina Chororos of Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching (908-370-5713) announces her updated mental health coaching for teens with depression or anxiety. The online sessions provide clients with effective coping strategies for grief, pain, and illness.

The updated mental health coaching focuses on psychotherapy for clinical depression. Clients learn how to express themselves in healthy ways and find ways to deal with everyday stressors. Talk therapy may also provide therapeutic benefits for those struggling with their medicines.

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With the updated coaching, clients are given a safe space where they can focus on their thoughts and behaviors and how the combination of the two is contributing to their mental condition. Chororos empowers her clients to challenge their preconceptions and take the first steps toward changing their mindsets.

Recent studies have found that the number of cases of depression among US teens has increased in the last few years. Some researchers estimate that almost 13% of American teenagers have some form of depression.

Scientists believe that a combination of excessive media use, poor coping strategies, and the natural feelings of overwhelm during adolescence contribute to an increased risk for depression and/or anxiety.

Teenage depression has subtle but notable differences from mood swings and rebellious episodes that typically characterize this age, says Chororos. Particularly, teenagers who suffer from depression may begin isolating themselves from family and friends and may express feelings of hopelessness or worthlessness.

Christina has written an article covering anxiety in adolescents which can be found here:

Kairos specializes in teen mental health talk therapy, offering clients a non-judgmental zone where they can safely express their feelings. Chororos explains that it is important for parents to seek help for their children as soon as possible because depression increases the risk of dangerous habits such as substance abuse and thoughts of self-harm.

Chororos offers one-on-one private coaching that blends traditional behavioral therapy techniques with cognitive therapy and holistic therapy. Online sessions may be requested on an as-need basis.

Chororos writes, “As a mental health coach, I teach my client’s coping strategies– practical, actionable, problem-solving skills that can be applied so that a person can self-manage difficult situations and emotions, harmful thinking patterns, and impulsive responses and reactions. With that said, I have always been an advocate of psychology–specifically talk therapy. and understand the value of traditional therapy and psychiatric care.”

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