Australian Builder Brian Best Presents His Top-Tier Grill Cabins

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Brian Best, Australian Builder, Grill Cabin expert, and IdeasWood owner, takes you through his top picks of the best grill cabins in store for your next barbecue.

Grill Cabin Craze: The best grill spaces you deserve!

Summer is the time for barbeques with family and friends. When it’s time to fire up the grill and you want the ultimate, take a look at IdeasWood’s grill cabins. You will be the envy of your friends with one of these amazing environments for social gatherings.

Brian Best, Australian Builder, Grill Cabin expert, and IdeasWood owner, takes you through his top picks of the best grill cabins in store for your next barbecue.

“Grill Cabins are one of many meet-up spots for family and friends to interact over a great meal. For that to happen, there needs to be a space, well-fitted and ideal enough to make the magic happen,” says Best. “Luckily, IdeasWood’s range of Grill Cabins and Accessories do the ultimate job of creating memorable experiences,” Best adds.

Our 16.5m Grill Cabin design, is fitted with a central standard BBQ table around the BBQ area. This magnificent design also includes seven cushion-inclusive benches. Two of the benches can be adapted to sleep on. The Grill Cabin also contains an extendable chimney, as well as four double-glazed windows, a double-glazed hexagon window on the door, and a solid roofing design to top if off.

The 6.9 m Grill Cabin, also has a central standard BBQ table fitted around the BBQ area. The space has five cushioned benches, two of which can be extended for sleeping. This space allows up to ten people to enjoy family meals, and quick grills.

Our 9.2m Grill Cabin design has the same amazing features as the above designs, but has a few more interesting features. This BBQ space is crafted for a total of 15 guests, with an option to include handrails, a front deck for additional outdoor space and ultimately, comes with Nordic Spruce flooring and ceiling. Nordic Spruce is one of the most reliable materials in the industry and perfect to use to construct the finest grill spaces.

“Grill Cabins can be accompanied by some key accessories,” says Best. Check out our sought-after firewood holders and BBQ table covers. And to ensure safely while preparing delicious meals on the grill, we supply safety fences for both the six and eight corner BBQs.

In terms of our BBQs, we have two excellent designs available – the luxury BBQ set, and the standard eight corner BBQ. The Luxury BBQ is fitted around an extended chimney, and comes with two grates, a grill table safety fence, two rain collars, rain cap, large grates for grilling meat, vegetables and fish, a small coffeepot grate, and a pot hook.

The standard eight-corner BBQ consists of the eight corner grill, with a table fitted around an extendable chimney. This includes three grates, rain collar and cap, a large grill for vegetables, fish and meat, two small grates for coffee, and a soup pot to prepare scrumptious and heart soups for the chilly Australian evenings.

These phenomenal grill designs do not end here. Visit our IdeasWood page for more on our designs, and let’s get grilling with the finest tools and spaces.

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