Hyper-Local Multimedia Branding For SMBs Announced By Content Marketing Media

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As CMA names purpose-driven content as one of the main content marketing trends for 2023, Content Marketing Media introduces branded content campaigns for SMBs.

Content Marketing Media, an agency which specializes in hyper-local marketing for small to medium-sized businesses, announced a new multimedia marketing and branding service designed to help SMBs improve online visibility, brand awareness, and customer engagement.

More details about multimedia branding can be found at https://contentmarketingmedia.clientcabin.com

As part of the new hyper-local multimedia marketing service, the Phoenix-based agency creates purpose-driven, informative content about a business’s services, products, or brand. In this way, small businesses can create positive coverage for their brand name, build a reputation in their local community, and create brand authority, explains the company.

“Our hyper-local ad campaigns will help businesses receive brand association and get the same credibility as major brands,” said founder and CEO Josh Whitfield. “Our campaigns are designed to help our clients grow their business by becoming a trusted brand,” he added.

As such, the agency takes an omnichannel approach to position the client as an industry leader, create brand authority, and build customer trust. Combining AI technology, a team of marketing experts, and a team of professional writers, Content Marketing Media offers a DFY solution designed to give small business owners access to the same marketing strategies used by big corporations.

Available as a monthly subscription, all campaigns are designed to provide informative content, while targeting specific keywords and locations, says Josh. This approach allows local businesses to reach more clients who are already searching for their services or products and expand their business into nearby areas. By optimizing the content for online visibility, the new service can improve a company’s Google ranking and domain authority.

With the new hyper-local multimedia branding service, Content Marketing Media is helping small business owners improve brand awareness and local visibility. Founded by Josh Whitfield, the agency provides digital marketing solutions tailored to the needs of SMBs and works with companies from all industries.

Interested parties can learn more about Content Marketing Media and its new service at https://contentmarketingmedia.clientcabin.com

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