How To Choose a Platform for Cooperation

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( — January 23, 2023) — Video conferencing is an essential tool for any business. Whether you’re looking to connect with clients, partners, or employees, video conferencing can help you reach more people in a shorter amount of time. But before jumping into any platform, it’s important to consider a few factors that will affect your experience using the software.

When choosing a platform to organize your cooperation, you need to consider what kind of communication will be the most comfortable and efficient for both parties. The platform offers the best features to ensure this style of communication is present. Let us show you how it works.

The Benefits of Videoconfer encing Technology

Video conferencing is becoming increasingly popular in today’s business world.  The ability to conduct meetings, conferences, and presentations over long distances has revolutionized the way businesses operate. It is easier for video conferencing users because they can see each other face-to-face on a screen rather than just hearing each other’s voices over the phone.

The ability to see and hear the people you are talking with makes video conferencing an excellent tool for collaboration.  It provides many benefits to companies, including:

Cost savings

Cost savings are one of the biggest benefits of using iMind. There are no limits on the number of participants and minutes that can be recorded in a meeting, which means you will not have to pay anything extra if you go over your limit. In addition, it is much easier to create meetings with this tool than by using other tools


It’s the number one benefit of videoconferencing. It reduces travel costs, time spent on meetings, and overall expenses associated with conducting business across the globe. In addition, it helps you connect with people in different countries without worrying about language barriers or cultural differences.


Accessibility for a company is also a major benefit. Videoconferencing technology allows you to connect with people from all over the world without leaving your office. This means that you can have meetings and conferences without having to spend tons of money on travel expenses and time off from work.

However, not all video conferencing platforms are created equal. In order to choose a platform that will meet your needs, it’s important to understand what options are available and how they differ from one another.

For example, some systems are designed for the workplace, while others are geared toward personal use. Some platforms offer high-definition video conferencing, while others only allow for low-resolution images. In addition to these differences, there are also several other factors you should consider when choosing a video conferencing platform. There are many different types of video conferencing platforms available for businesses to choose from. The most common types include:

  1. Traditional Video Conferencing Systems.
  2. Cloud-Based Videoconferencing.
  3. Mobile Video Conferencing Apps.

The most important thing to look for when choosing a video conferencing platform is reliability. If your meetings depend on the technology working properly, you don’t have time to waste trying to troubleshoot technical problems. Choose a platform that has been tested and proven to work reliably in any environment and with any type of connection.

iMind for Cooperation: Is the Service Right for You?

It is a great solution for business meetings and can be used by any company of any size. You can manage all your calls, contacts, and schedules from one place. It has a free version so you can try it first before spending money on it:

  • Ease of use – the iMind solution is available to use through the browser. 
  • Quality video and sound – this ensures reliable channels of communication and saves time on questioning and explaining. 
  • Sharing – simultaneous screen sharing and conference recording with no time limit. 

The iMind solution is user-friendly and easy to understand. The interface is intuitive and doesn’t require special skills to start a conference. You can create meetings with just one click and invite participants.

Features of iMind plans

iMind is a platform for online meetings and video conferencing that helps its users to communicate, collaborate and exchange information in real-time. The service has a range of plans that help users to run their businesses efficiently. For now, there are four main plans in the iMind platform: 

  1. The “Free” option is ideal for individuals and small companies – it allows up to 100 attendees and records a video conference at a time. 
  2. Pro – can be considered by small teams. This plan extends the capabilities of the platform, users can enjoy unlimited URL creation options, invite other people to create group rooms, and customize custom branding. 
  3. The “Business” option allows teams of up to 10 people to create group rooms and create custom branding. 
  4. The “Enterprise” plan is considered for large enterprises and offers all of the above but with greater capacities than its previous counterparts.

The iMind platform is the ultimate choice for big events. It allows you to create a private or public room, invite participants and record all conversations simultaneously. In addition, iMind helps you set up different types of collaboration such as live streams, custom branding for your meeting format, free video files, and more.

Is it Worth Choosing the Paid Option?

The iMind platform offers a free plan for individuals and small businesses. You can use all its features without paying any money. However, the paid plans offer more benefits than the free version. For instance, you can invite as many participants as you like to your meeting with a paid plan without facing any limits on the number of people who join.

The paid plan is worth choosing if you need to set up a private event, run a meeting with many participants, or organize an important event. The iMind platform offers the most advanced options and features for professional use. The free version of it may not be as functional for business purposes but it is still very useful for personal use.

Is the service worth the effort?

A video call service is always important for businesses, as there are many advantages to using it. It allows us to communicate with clients or employees directly. The most important thing is that it allows us to look at what they see and hear what they say. But before you can use this useful tool, you should be sure that your needs are met by its platform.