Practical Online Meditation Guide For Business Owners’ Anxiety Relief Launched

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Meditating Human launched an online guide for business owners who want to learn to meditate for anxiety relief.

The new meditation course teaches students techniques that mix ancient Buddhist meditation practices and modern guided meditation strategies. It is designed to relieve anxiety and stress in business owners, so they can improve their decision-making skills.

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Meditating Human’s recently launched meditation course coincides with an article published by the American Medical Association about decision fatigue. According to the report, business owners, CEOs, and high-level executives often experience this type of mental fatigue because they are constantly bombarded with big decisions that will affect the entire company. Meditation is a good way for such individuals to feel more centered and empowered to make rational decisions instead of emotional ones out of exhaustion and burnout.

Multiple studies have shown the effect of meditation in calming the brain. Meditating Human’s course bridges the gap between the deeply spiritual meditation of ancient Buddhism and modern techniques like guided meditation, walking meditation, breathing, and affirmations. The main goal of the course is to allow the individual to power through their fatigue and make rational decisions for their company.

The meditation course is a five-week program that includes simple, practical ways to include meditation in everyday life. It focuses on manifestation, or visualizing that the goal has already been achieved.

Meditating Human also espouses the use of visualization in their meditation course. Other guides usually veer away from visualization because it tends to leave practitioners “stuck” in the phase without progress. Meditating Human’s course, however, comes with an action plan that students can use to ensure that they are kept accountable for their goals.

There is an increasing number of experts who say that meditation is not only good for improving productivity, but also for maintaining overall mental health. Meditation can calm down brain waves, which minimizes the flight or fight response. This is an important factor because constant exposure to this level of stress may cause both physical and mental problems.

“Meditating Human offers easy-to-understand spirituality, meditation, and manifestation courses that help you learn how to enhance and implement spirituality in a practical, easy way that won’t take any extra time of your day,” a spokesperson said.

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