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Times 10 Publications has a new approach on leadership in education and has expert books to help teachers improve their students’ learning experience.

Their preeminent leadership book is called ‘Hacking Teacher Burnout: 8 Steps to Go from Isolated to Empowered So You Can Overcome Any Challenge’. It has been written by Amber Harper, a renowned classroom teacher, podcaster, and teacher trainer. Times 10 Publications recognizes that one of the greatest factors that impacts the learning experience for students is the morale and mindset of teachers, which is why they believe their book is critical reading for any school leader or administrator.

More information is available at https://www.10publications.com/Hacking-Teacher-Burnout

The burnout-themed book has been released in the midst of what CNBC News recently termed a burnout crisis. As they reported, K-12 teachers in the United States now report the highest rates of burnout in any profession in the country. This crisis has also led to the highest-ever number of teachers leaving the classroom and the lowest-ever number of young people enrolling in teacher preparation programs.

With the burnout crisis impacting teachers, students and educators everywhere, Times 10 Publications believes that more must be done by school administrators to ensure they support the staff they have, and to facilitate their wellbeing and professional growth on the job.

As such, in Amber Harper’s ‘how to’ leadership guidebook, she helps educators become more aware of the problem of burnout and its signs. Harper’s book has also been written to help teachers become burned-in at work, that is, to make them feel happy, purposeful, rewarded, motivated and successful in their teaching practice.

More information on the book can be accessed at https://www.10publications.com/leadership-books

Times 10 Publications believes that ‘Hacking Teacher Burnout’ can be a conversation starter in schools around the country and it contains an easy-to-teach and easy-to-follow eight-step program that school administrators can guide their teaching staff through. These steps will help teachers to face the current challenges of the profession, understand their burnout type and learn how to combat the feeling.

‘Hacking Teacher Burnout: 8 Steps to Go from Isolated to Empowered So You Can Overcome Any Challenge’ is a part of Times 10 Publications’ growing HACK Learning Series. The publishers are proud to be at the forefront of pedagogy and to be improving both teaching and learning outcomes in the US.

The book is currently available as a digital download or in paperback, through Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

A spokesperson for the publishing house said, “In ‘Hacking Teacher Burnout’, veteran classroom teacher Amber Harper shares an eight-step process that shines a light on burnout and helps teachers become burned-in: fulfilled, happy, efficient, and effective in the classroom and in life. If you want your teachers to thrive—not just survive—you need this book.”

More details can be found at https://www.10publications.com

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