Avery Restaurant Consulting Announces Hartford Restaurant Staff & Menu Training

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Avery Restaurant Consulting announces training for Hartford, CT restaurant staff and individualized menu curation to increase level of service, food and beverage offerings, guest loyalty, and revenue.

Food and beverage hospitality company, Avery Restaurant Consulting, announces restaurant staff training and menu consulting to restaurateurs in the Hartford, CT area.

More details can be found at https://www.averyrestaurantconsulting.com/restaurant-hospitality-consulting-hartford-ct/

With Hartford, CT earning a reputation as a foodie destination and providing many gastronomic opportunities, Avery Restaurant Consulting aims to help aspiring restaurateurs and already operational restaurants be successful and profitable through an individualized approach with expert staff training and menu curation.

The restaurant business is highly competitive, and with the continuous flow of food bloggers, reviewers, tourists, and residents, knowing how to make a restaurant realize its full potential is imperative, explains the company. Avery Restaurant Consulting helps refine menus to be more appealing, cost-effective, and quick out of the kitchen. By monitoring market trends, the consulting firm also creates beverage lists that cater to the season and clientele.

Avery Restaurant Consulting’s areas of expertise include wine pairings, featured cocktails and spirits, craft beer, and special occasions. The firm trains staff and culinary teams to understand and recommend unique pairings.

Restaurant staff training also includes ways to provide exceptional front-of-house service from fast casual to high-end dining settings and maximize floor chart potential. Bar staff are trained on multi-tasking, service quality, and keeping a bar crowd’s attention. To cultivate a loyal guest base, chef and culinary teams are trained on building the prep list to push out consistent meals.

Avery Restaurant Consulting is led by Jason Carron who has extensive expertise as a restaurateur and chef. He has worked with a number of underperforming bars and restaurants to increase their guest visits, popularity, and revenue. The firm operates in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, and Rhode Island.

Jason Carron, the company owner, said, “My work ethic, passion, and many years of experience are what will help me help you. From a chef who has been through it all, there is a way to achieve your goal. Whether we are creating a new concept to help you live your dream, or implementing new parameters to help keep your profits in line, we have everything you require to be a successful business.”

Interested parties can find more information at :https://www.averyrestaurantconsulting.com/restaurant-hospitality-consulting-hartford-ct or by calling 617-970-8566.

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