New Piedmont, CA Home Care Creative Writing For Dementia Mind Engagement Service

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Elder Manage Care (630-638-1489) has just rolled out a new iteration of its innovative mind engagement story-crafting service which helps seniors fight dementia and Alzheimer’s. It is accessible to those in and around Pacifica, Half Moon Bay, Berkeley, Lafayette, Orinda and Foster City in California.

Elder Manage Care has revamped its imaginative memory care writing exercises, led by a team of expert authors and editors, that are proven to help fight the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Specialists assist clients in chronicling life experiences through storytelling and other creative activities.

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In addition to traditional artistic pursuits, clients can also explore a myriad of unique hobbies such as creating beautiful jewels, crooning a tune, playing the piano, cultivating an outdoor oasis and even virtually travelling.

Mental wellness, or cognitive health, describes a person’s ability to think clearly, learn new concepts and recall information. Mental wellness is an important part of overall health and can greatly enhance one’s life by helping them to think more clearly and recall information that may help them plan trips or manage their day-to-day activities.

Elder Manage Care’s improved creative writing services offer a valuable new layer of in-home assistance, and also give clients the opportunity to craft a lasting legacy for their relatives and friends.

As reported by the National Institute on Aging, staying intellectually active may stimulate the brain and result in improved thinking skills. Just learning new information and challenging yourself can help protect the brain against age related damage.

Mental stimulation also has shown to be immensely beneficial for those suffering from Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, but even more generally, a wide array of seniors have reported experiencing an uptick in both wellness and cheer after exercising their brains.

Whether it’s playing chess or Scrabble, learning a new skill like photography, or simply challenging oneself with new tasks and hobbies, staying active mentally can help boost the spirits in a big way.

Elder Manage Care has created an enriched creative writing program to give it’s clients the opportunity to express and document their treasured life experiences. Many have expressed that this program is helping them stay connected with loved ones, family members, and friends

At the outset of the endeavor, staff help clients to recall significant life events and experiences, and subsequently formulate narrative concepts; these then form the nucleus from which to expand on the client’s life story. Family members are also encouraged to add their recollections thereby creating a treasure trove of shared experiences.

This service can be customized to meet each client’s particular requirements, ensuring that they get the best possible experience. Staff Writers take advantage of client conversations, mentoring sessions and writing exercises whilst providing proof reading, revision and editing support.

Elder Manage Care’s goal is for every in home care client to finish with a beautiful finished piece ready to be enjoyed by their closest friends and family.

About Elder Manage Care

Since its inception in 2017, Elder Manage Care has been dedicated to offering budget-friendly and reliable at-home care matched with creative mind management activity, for elderly individuals who wish to stay in their own home.

From meal prep and washing clothes to managing appointments and handling household upkeep, this pioneering organization provides an array of home assistance services and creative activities to help combat cognitive decline.

A company representative stated: “Our Creative Services Team assists your family members in achieving self-sufficiency and freedom from the convenience of home by providing stimulating activities to nourish the mind.”

Elder Manage Care is pleased to offer its unique services in Pacifica, Half Moon Bay, Berkeley, Lafayette, Orinda and Foster City and surrounding suburbs

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