Pflugerville Home Leak Detection | Drain Line Repair & Repipe Services Expanded

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Round Rock-based S & D Plumbing (737-309-0334) expands its advanced leak detection services, now available to homes and businesses in Pflugerville, Georgetown, Cedar Park, and surrounding areas.

As part of the recent update, the firm offers some of the latest technologies to help detect and locate plumbing system leaks. The comprehensive services also include water line and drain line repairs and repiping, water rerouting, and replacement of tunnel drains.

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The recent expansion was driven, in part, by the winter storms experienced throughout Texas late last year. S & D Plumbing points out that sub-freezing temperatures can cause a variety of plumbing problems, including leaks, and the firm’s goal is to prevent further damage from occurring in local homes and businesses.

According to the Texas Division of Emergency Management, much of the state experienced below-freezing conditions for between 3 and 5 days in December. The low temperatures made it more likely that water lines and pipes would freeze. As frozen water expands, a high degree of stress can be exerted on pipes, causing them to crack or burst.

As S & D Plumbing explains, leaks are not always easy to identify, and the company’s enhanced services offer a rapid and accurate means of assessment where leaks are suspected. The company suggests several signs that may indicate a leak has developed, such as higher water bills, patches of discoloration on ceilings or walls, damp spots on carpets, or the sound of water running.

Detection methods now used do not require significant disturbance to a home or the surrounding property. S & D Plumbing deploys a variety of advanced technologies, including moisture detection units, audio equipment, and/or very small cameras.

About S & D Plumbing

In operation since 1980, S & D Plumbing has established a reputation for honesty, integrity, and strong customer service. In addition to leak detection and repairs, the family-owned and operated company offers cleaning of clogged drains and sewers, along with water heater repair and installation services.

One homeowner recently stated: “S&D saved us a bunch of money and, more importantly, a ton of headaches and unnecessary work. The team was great to work with, and I really appreciated their common-sense approach.”

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