Short Bias Trading Strategies Course | Mentorship & Chat Room For Traders Launch

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‘My Investing Club’ has launched a short bias trading chat room for intermediate traders to learn from professionals in the field.

The newest chat room allows unlimited interaction amongst intermediate and professional traders to share helpful tips and tricks when taking short positions in the market. ‘My Investing Club’ also offers a one-on-one mentorship where learners have direct contact with their mentors and a trading blueprint that contains pre-planned price levels, entries, exits, and stops that professionals use to make stock picks.

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‘My Investing Club’’s recently launched chat room helps traders use short bias trading strategies to optimize their stock picks. According to The Hedge Fund Journal, short bias trading is a strategy that is becoming increasingly popular because its faster turnover rates equate to more consistent returns, especially for day traders.

‘My Investing Club’ explains that short bias trading requires traders to take a short position on the market. This strategy is beneficial when the stock market drops. The key skill is identifying shares whose prices are bound to decrease within a trading day.

Short bias trading can be practiced by traders of all skill levels, but intermediate traders are encouraged to learn this technique to broaden their income stream and take their trading career to the next level. When they choose to sign up for a ‘My Investing Club’ mentorship, they have unlimited access to the chat rooms where they can meet and share ideas with fellow traders and get advice from stock market experts as well. Professional traders teach their students proprietary trading techniques and are available via voice chat and direct messaging for those who have questions about some of their stock picks.

Aside from the chat room and the mentorship, ‘My Investing Club’ members also have access to the community’s learning management system, where they can find on-demand videos on different trading topics that are created by the mentors themselves.

“When we first started, we wished there was someone to help us. MIC was created to arm traders of all levels with all the necessary tools to achieve success and total financial freedom,” a company representative said.

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