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Globally recognized executive business coach and life strategist Tony J. Selimi, known for transforming the lives of C-suite professionals and corporate leaders in London and around the world, is expanding his proprietary coaching program with tiered packages built to accelerate personal and professional success.

The newly updated packages offer high-performance executives personal and professional coaching and development. Custom-designed Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum tiers offer tools and strategies for overcoming anxiety, burnout, self-doubt, loneliness, fear, and imposter syndrome for breakthroughs in business performance, personal relationships, and wealth-building pursuits. Tony J. Selimi has partnered with companies that include Microsoft, SAP, Deutsche Bank, and the Bank of America to provide high-value employees with the guidance and insights needed to uphold purposeful and unfaltering achievement.

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In today’s complex and competitive business arena, it is crucial organizations invest in executive development coaching programs. Multi-award-winning author, business coach, and human behavior specialist Tony J. Selimi has put some of today’s most prestigious companies and company executives on the path to greater clarity, growth, and success. Recently updated executive coaching packages help high-achievers and business leaders navigate evolving environments and personal challenges with a newly empowered perspective.

While it’s easy to believe successful and wealthy individuals lead an easy and carefree life, the reality is that often it’s the highest-performing athletes and executives who battle the most significant amount of stress, self-doubt, and conflict. Selimi says imposter syndrome, feelings of inadequacy, and control issues are just some self-defeating dynamics over-achieving individuals can fall prey to without the clarity, tools, and self-awareness needed to recognize and master their uniquely powerful potential.

Selimi’s Bronze package is for those not yet acclimated to “the big leagues” and therefore struggling with fear of failure, procrastination, and other career-limiting obstacles.

The Silver package is designed for individuals looking to gain a better understanding of themselves and those around them and for those seeking the tools that create both inner worth and outer wealth.

Open to just 12 individuals committed to working side-by-side with Selimi, the Gold package focuses time, energy, and talent on creating breakthroughs, achieving results, and superior building authority, impact, and wealth.

The Diamond and Platinum tiers are VIP packages for spiritually conscious and materially high-net-worth individuals who face unique challenges navigating a world where their fame and success seem to magnify their challenges instead of mitigating them.

CEO and entrepreneur David L. says, “The Diamond experience Tony delivers is a must for anyone who appreciates privacy, time, and exclusivity. I’d done some personal development work with Tony in the past, but the Diamond coaching package helped me get my life back together and again shine and be humbled being in the spotlight.”

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