The Barking Lounge LLC Expads Mobile Pet Grooming Service In Coral Gables

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The Barking Lounge LLC (786-282-4212) has expanded its mobile pet grooming in Coral Gables to include shampoo services for dogs with curly hair, to prevent their fur from becoming matted.

The Barking Lounge LLC’s newest service is designed to provide extra hydration and nourishment for dogs with curly coats so as to keep them in good condition and avoid tangling. According to the grooming company, curly-coated breeds require brushing twice a week, and the new shampooing service will make this task easier for owners.

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In line with this announcement, The Barking Lounge is using a shampoo that is specially formulated with ingredients that will help enhance the natural curl pattern of poodles and other breeds with curly hair. The new shampoo formula also contains natural oils to add moisture and shine to the coat, leaving it looking and feeling healthy.

In addition to the new shampoo service, The Barking Lounge’s Regular Wash treatment also includes a thorough ear cleaning, rounding of the paws, and nail trimming. The treatment is performed by professional groomers with years of experience in handling dogs of all breeds and hair types.

The Barking Lounge’s newly expanded mobile grooming service allows pet owners to have their dogs groomed in the comfort of their own homes, eliminating the need to transport their dogs to a traditional grooming salon. The service is currently available in Coral Gables, Wynwood, Pinecrest, and the surrounding areas.

The new shampoo service for dogs with curly hair is available as part of The Barking Lounge’s Regular Wash treatment, which can be scheduled by contacting the company through their website or by phone. Owners looking to give their pets a spa-like experience can also add on services such as deep dental cleaning and nail grinding.

The Barking Lounge is a mobile pet grooming spa owned and run by pet owners who noted a lack of self-service grooming options in their local area. The organization is committed to washing and grooming pets in a safe and clean environment from the comfort and convenience of clients’ own front doors.

With its new shampoo service for dogs with curly hair, The Barking Lounge offers an accessible solution for clients in Coral Gables and the surrounding areas who own poodles and similar breeds. The mobile service provides a convenient and effective way for owners to keep dogs looking and feeling healthy and content.

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