London Cartilage Clinic Launches Liquid Cartilage Replacement & Repair Treatment

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A new, minimally invasive treatment option, launched by the specialists at MSK Doctors London Cartilage Clinic (0207 9657268), provides a long-lasting solution for clients with mild to moderate cartilage deterioration.

Medical procedures to replace or repair cartilage have been in use for nearly 100 years, but until recently, nearly every technique has required open surgery. This new treatment option launched by MSK Doctors London Cartilage Clinic, known as Liquid Cartilage Replacement, can be completed using only keyhole surgical techniques.

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Using the advanced procedure, the surgical team at London Cartilage Clinic can replace damaged cartilage in a joint, while minimising any surgical trauma. This helps patients to reduce their downtime and speed up their recovery, though some physical therapy will still be required.

The new treatment method is effective for all the most common causes of cartilage loss, including osteoarthritis, direct injuries, and injuries caused by overuse. However, the experts at London Cartilage Clinic believe this method may be less effective for clients with severe, advanced osteoarthritis. If the condition is severe, the clinic will work with these patients to find an alternative treatment option.

Before the procedure, the medical team will use an MRI scan to determine how extensive the damage is, and exactly where it is located. This will help them decide if Liquid Cartilage Replacement is the most effective option, or if other avenues should be explored.

The medical team recommends patients work closely with a physiotherapist, both before and after the procedure. The cartilage replacement technique involves a significant amount of regeneration within the body, and without appropriate exercises and stimulation, the process can sometimes be unsuccessful.

Though Liquid Cartilage Replacement is often a permanent solution, clients may require additional treatments if they cause further damage to the joint, or experience more cartilage loss, in the future.

About London Cartilage Clinic

London Cartilage Clinic is a private clinic in London, England, founded by Prof. Paul Lee, and staffed by a multidisciplinary team of scientists, engineers, and doctors. The clinic offers a full range of cartilage treatments, both surgical and non-surgical, such as cell therapy, and scaffold regeneration.

London Cartilage Clinic explains, “Scientists around the world have been working on the treatment of joint pain and there are many approved therapies designed specifically for cartilage issues. Each person’s needs should be taken into account with their individual circumstances and at the same time, each joint will have a specific environment and need. For further details, please feel free to contact us.”

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