No Liberal Bias Chrome Alternative iOS Web Browser For Breaking News Launched

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A non-bias web browser, Tusk, has been launched to provide conservatives, Republican voters, and other non-liberals access to a censorship-free alternative to Chrome and other browsers.

A new alternative desktop web browser, Tusk is also available on iOS and Android devices for those wanting mobile access to a curated breaking news feed based on their interests but without liberal bias.

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By launching the alternative web browser, the team behind Tusk is meeting the demand for better access to free speech reporting regarding breaking news and events around the world.

Despite the wide availability of news on internet browsers, the Big Tech ownership of many news and search engine organizations can lead to liberal bias and outside influences impacting what and how events are reported and depicted. To address this restriction of free speech and ‘fake news’ reporting, Tusk has created an alternative web browser to get breaking news updates.

Built by conservatives for conservatives and Republican voters, Tusk is able to collate breaking news from trusted sources, such as Fox News, The Daily Wire, and Epoch Times, while filtering out other more biased news channels. Furthermore, users can customize their news feed to only show reports from the sites they personally trust.

Tusk has all the usability features one would expect from a web browser, including a built-in search engine, website bookmarking, and a password manager. It can also import bookmarks and settings while also supporting most Chrome extensions, making switching to Tusk a smooth transition.

The alternative web browser is available to download on Windows and Mac computers, with additional app versions for both iOS and Android devices.

To secure a user’s privacy, the web browser also requires no account creation, allowing them to freely browse without any activity being tracked. It also forces visited websites to only use the more secure HTTPS connections, further increasing a user’s privacy when browsing.

Tusk is endorsed by several leading conservatives, including Mark Levin, Howie Carr, and Tyrus, and it has been featured several times by Fox News.

A spokesperson for Tusk said, “Our Freedom-First web browser was developed exclusively for conservatives to privately browse the Internet and get the latest news without censorship or liberal bias.”

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