UAE Life Coaching To Release Negative Emotions, Phobias & Anxiety Launched

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LIGHTER CORE FOR LIFESTYLE DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANCY has launched its personal breakthrough package to provide individuals with a means to achieve their life’s desired results by getting in touch with their negative emotions, find solutions, and setting goals for a better life.

The lifestyle consultancy, based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, works with individuals around the world to help them create real-life changes. Their newly launched personal breakthrough package is customized for each individual to help them discover their core selves and learn to live a full, sustainable life.

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Following the announcement, LIGHTER CORE seeks to provide individuals with a means of letting go of past negative emotions, fears, and limiting beliefs and accessing their true potential with guidelines and techniques specifically designed for them.

Many individuals go through life unaware that they carry emotional burdens and a mindset that constrains their thoughts and beliefs. These internal conflicts and limiting beliefs restrict them from reaching their potential and choosing their way in life, unhampered. LIGHTER COR’s customized breakthrough package, The DRS Experience, is designed to dismantle these blocks and build a mindset of growth.

The DRS Experience is a three-step program. The first stage focuses on discovering who the person is and what lies behind their way of thinking. This technique entails exploring the deepest parts of a person’s core and figuring out what drives their everyday actions. Once a better understanding of themselves has been established, the next step is examining the results an individual wants to achieve.

The second stage deals with resolving past negative emotions, hurts, or burdens. Here, the aim is to determine the source of a person’s old conditioning so that they can release these negative aspects and work toward replacing and resolving them.

The final stage focuses on setting new intentions for the future and developing a mindset that is conducive to growth and taking on new challenges. The purpose of this step is for the person to be capable of being more present in each moment, living lighter, and using their true essence as a guiding system.

The launch of the breakthrough package highlights LIGHTER CORE’s continued commitment to helping individuals shed negative emotions and burdens, gain greater clarity in life, and connect with their true selves.

A spokesperson for the consultancy said: “Lighter Core life coaching is the right choice if you want real change. Remember, your current results are not a reflection of you as a person, but a reflection of your old conditioning, and of course, not a reflection of your potential.”

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