Coffee & Latte Recipe Book With Specialty Beans For Hot & Cold Brew Announced

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Fire Fighters Coffee Brand releases “The Coffee Connoisseur’s Cookbook”, a selection of 139 coffee recipes compiled by company CEO Glenn Brizendine. The recipe book lists the different ways to enjoy coffee of various origins, flavors, and presses.

The newly released coffee recipe book can be downloaded at no cost on the official website of Fire Fighters Coffee Brand.

The book is 110 pages long, it has 139 recipes in total – 35 hot coffee recipes, 26 cold coffee recipes, 14 Lattes Smooth and Creamy Delight recipes, 31 Alcoholic Coffee Recipes, 23 Coffee Dessert Cups, Bowls, and Plate recipes, 10 Coffee Cake Recipes offering a New Twists on an Old Favorite.

“In summary, it’s got it all, from the two different recipes included for the famous “Hot Toddy”, and Recipes for Chocolate Coffee Truffles and Coffee Date Cake. Even Coffee Chiffon Pie, Espresso Chocolate Mousse, Coffee Toffee Pie, Tiramisu, White Russian and Black Russians, Cozy Coffee Amaretto, Irish Coffee (hot), Caramel Nut Latte… and the list goes on,” says Brizendine. “The point? There’s an amazing assortment of coffee creations that can be mixed and matched with several desserts.”

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Glenn Brizendine created this book to continue honoring his dad’s dream of helping other people live their lives to the fullest.

Brizendine comes from a family of firefighters. Besides himself, his dad, brother, and cousin were all professional firefighters, and it was always interesting when they would get together and talk about their crazy and even sometimes heroic stories.

They often talked about their days over a steaming cup of coffee, and it all started for Brizendine when he was a kid, growing up in an environment full of firemen and firehouses.

However, Brizendine’s father suffered a heart attack while on duty and was forced to retire early. The news devastated Brizendine, who felt that his dad had lost his dream of helping other people. His dad thought differently and explained that helping other people can come in all forms, including starting a small business and pursuing one’s passions.

Fire Fighters Coffee is the culmination of Brizendine’s hopes, dreams, and love for a good cup of coffee. Besides others, they now have 6 unique blends – 6Bean, Cowboy, Breakfast, Peru, Mexico, and Bali – which are all guaranteed to be freshly roasted upon confirmation of payment and shipped on the same day to ensure freshness.

Two percent of total sales are donated to the National Fallen Fire Fighters Foundation.

Brizendine writes, “My dad was a firefighter for many years, but after suffering a massive heart attack on the job he was forced to retire at just 43. He often discussed how much he would love to give back to the profession he loved so deeply. This brings us to the present: Fire Fighters Coffee is my way of honoring my father’s dream and giving back to the firefighting community at the same time.”

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