Practical Guide To Improve Student Learning Habits In Virtual Classroom Released

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( — January 26, 2023) — Times 10 Publications has announced the continuation of their “Hack Learning” series with “Hacking Student Habits”, the latest from renowned author and educator Elizabeth Jorgensen.

This recently announced title contains a variety of tips and strategies that educators can use to better understand student learning habits in order to build more rewarding and effective lesson plans. These strategies are intended to help teachers navigate common pedagogical difficulties through actionable and accessible advice, so that students study harder, even if they use the services of do my chemistry homework and other subjects.

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This title, which is one of the more recent additions to the “Hack Learning” series, develops a pedagogical framework over the course of 9 sections. Throughout these sections, teachers will come to understand the needs of students as they pertain to the established curriculum and how that curriculum can be manipulated to produce better outcomes.

Primarily, the book focuses on reward structures and incentivization, which Jorgensen presents as one of the primary driving factors behind student wellbeing and retention. In her view, the current punitive pass/fail grading system discourages things like parallel thinking and other productive, creative forms of engagement with the material.

To solve this problem, she proposes her 9 strategies as a way to restructure the goals of student education, placing the focus on exploration and curiosity rather than examination and memorization. These forms of engagement, she suggests in the book, are essential to ensuring that students truly retain the material being taught.

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One reviewer had this to say, “This book is a quick read that offers practical ideas on how to work with students to build environments that take the spotlight off outcomes like grades and standardized test scores. Can we help students focus more on the 1000s of choices they are making every day instead of their g.p.a? Yes we can.”

Overall, Jorgensen presents advice that is applicable to teachers at all grade levels and subject areas, making this one of the most universal teaching guides published by Times 10 Publications to date.

Elizabeth Jorgensen is an award-winning teacher and public speaker whose career in education has seen her acquire some of the most prestigious honors in her field. She has penned a number of books in her career as an author as well, including a much-loved inspirational memoir and now this guide in partnership with Times 10 Publications.

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