Graphic Basketball Backpack | Origins Of Hooping Graffiti-Inspired Design Launch

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The Hoop Sauce has announced the release of its new streetball-inspired basketball backpack. Featuring colorful graffiti and images of a few of America’s most iconic streetball courts, the new Origins Of Hooping backpack is now available.

Using legendary streetball courts as inspiration and honoring them with graffiti art, the recently added Origins of Hooping Backpack pays homage to the creativity of the game. The backpack complements Hoop Sauce’s line of unique and stylish basketball apparel that also features T-shirts, shorts, socks, and headbands.

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The latest addition to the e-store’s selection comes as the NBA season gets underway. The creators at The Hoops Sauce designed this particular backpack to honor the part of the game they love: the creativity and flair that the modern game represents and which is reminiscent of the style of play seen on streetball courts across America.

In an article on Bleacher Report, Terry Rozier, a point-guard for the Charlotte Hornets, said, “AND1 played a big part in handling the ball. Period. For everybody, no matter your size. It had a big impact on the stuff we see in peoples’ games today- it’s more natural now.”

AND1 was a basketball brand that brought streetball into the national spotlight and The Hoop Sauce is a brand that is putting the flair of streetball onto its new backpack. Inspired by no-look passes and nasty crossovers, the flashy aspect of the game can be found in the designs of the new Origins Of Hooping Backpack.

With enough room to fit shoes, a basketball, and a laptop, the backpack is as functional as it is eye-catching. The two side pockets offer even more room, and utility pockets for smaller items like a phone or set of keys are also stitched in near the top for easy access.

The new backpack by The Hoop Sauce has enough room to fit everything needed for a day on the hardwood but isn’t limited to just basketball courts.

As one satisfied customer said: “I received my origins of hooping backpack yesterday. Absolutely amazing. Super unique and I love the graffiti look. It’s super comfy on the shoulders and back. Perfectly padded. The pictures do not do this bag justice. I’m gonna be the 43 year old cool kid at the office with my unique backpack. Corporate America here I come with the HoopSauce merch.”

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