Sewing Designs Membership For Beginners With Beach Coverups Tutorials Launched

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Sewing Patterns Secrets LLC is a new membership platform for sewing designs. Targeted towards beginners, they have simple and easy DIY sewing machine patterns.

The new platform combines clear and easily printable sewing patterns with comprehensive tutorials that ensure members can complete all projects successfully, and that they enjoy the process of doing so. Sewing Patterns Secrets was founded by master seamstress Molly McGuire. She is proud to be sharing both her passion for the craft and her sewing skill set with aspiring sewists across the US who are just at the beginning of their sewing journey.

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While the world of sewing influencers and Instagrammers continues to grow, Molly McGuire for Sewing Patterns Secrets believes that little of this content is actually useful to genuine beginners who may lack the basic principles of the craft of sewing. In her opinion, many of the online sewing machine patterns available also fail to be easily or readily sewable, and often need an expert eye to make sense of the way they need to be cut or sewn.

As such, she has personally developed and vetted all the designs on her membership platform. Moreover, she has combined her patterns with step-by-step instructions, cutting and material lists, detailed garment and project schematics, and multiple views of the finished piece from all angles.

This is also accompanied by Sewing Patterns Secrets’ members-only online classroom, which contains comprehensive tutorials, lessons and courses.

In addition to making for the simplest and most enjoyable DIY sewing experience for beginners, Molly McGuire also wants to bring her members on-trend ideas for indie-styled garments and projects.

Therefore, ahead of the summer, Sewing Patterns Secrets has a new line of influencer-inspired stylish beach coverups and beach dusters. These lightweight diaphanous garments have been designed for the home pool, for a day at the beach with friends or for an elegant upscale beach club.

Sewing Patterns Secrets LLC has collected over 125 high-quality sewing patterns in one place, many of which can be completed in just one hour.

A spokesperson for Molly McGuire said, “Sewing Pattern Secrets gives you total package instructions, videos and resources to empower you to get those sewing projects done right the first time… while avoiding all the blunders and confusion so commonly associated with other sewing patterns currently being offered online. With Sewing Pattern Secrets, it doesn’t matter what your current skill level is.”

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