AUTEC Notifies Auto Dealerships On How A AUTEC Car Wash Can Boost Clientele

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Take a look at how AUTEC Car Wash Systems can boost a dealership’s customers.

AUTEC Car Wash Systems offers auto dealers the opportunity to improve customers’ experience and attack new ones. AUTEC Car Wash Systems helps dealers increase profits, save on labor costs, and attract more customers. Auto dealerships can instantly boost profit margins with a premium car wash on-site. Having a wash system on sight provides many perks, including:

– Treat current customers with a car wash when purchasing a vehicle.

– Opening the car wash to the public to attract new customers.

– Offer a loyalty program to customers.

Instead of worrying about all the labor costs needed to take care of vehicles on-site, auto dealers can turn to AUTEC Car Wash Systems to provide a slick look for customers.

AUTEC systems provide superior quality to each dealership looking to invest. Having many features helps clients meet the needs of their customers. Some features include:

Each system is equipped with 100% Stainless-Steel Construction that is durable and sufficient to last clients with many years of service.

AUTEC signature wash materials have been crafted for years through intense research and testing, resulting in the most effective cloth cits and hardware design. Super-soft double front & rear side arms, plus a dual-cloth mitter, gently massage each vehicle to a brilliant – and unprecedented – shine.

Water-Based Hydraulics offers an environmentally friendly fluid designed to make any vehicle shine.

Split hub designs provide safe “mirror-saving” design curves around each vehicle – wider at the bottom, narrower at the top – so even vans & trucks with large mirrors enjoy a worry-free clean.

AUTEC manufactures three car wash systems: Soft-touch, touch-free, and a combination model. Interested in learning more about AUTEC’s Car Wash Systems? To learn more about each system, visit the link here.

AUTEC provides systems to dealer partners in the US and Canada. AUTEC offers factory training and support/service through its reliable dealer network. Contact AUTEC’s customer service team today to take the following steps in installing a state-of-the-art car wash system.