Contingent Workforce Management VMS To Reduce Spend For Hiring Businesses Update

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Prosperix has announced a new update to its vendor management system for businesses across sectors. It enables clients to manage their workforce and streamline hiring processes using cutting-edge solutions.

The recent update better facilitates business growth in today’s fast-changing landscape using a combination of network, human, and machine intelligence. The Prosperix VMS Network enhances workforce management to create better hiring outcomes for each business.

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Following the latest move, companies can use the integrated hiring marketplace and network of suppliers and industry-specific talent to meet their hiring requirements. The network features real-time performance tracking and analytics, with immediate setup.

The platform simplifies the hiring process for businesses by combining multiple stages into one dashboard. This can all be managed through a drag-and-drop interface, creating a customizable solution that can align with the goals and objectives of the business. Submissions, assessments, interviews, and offers can be seen and tracked in one place.

This is combined with a detailed analytics framework that includes real-time KPI monitoring. Because all relevant information is available instantly, businesses don’t have to wait to read weekly or monthly reports.

Implementing the VMS as part of the hiring workflow can increase clients’ productivity by automating time-consuming business processes. Time spent on manual tasks is reduced, and this can be reinvested into building relationships with prospects and creating a more detailed hiring system. Data integrity is also increased across sectors, enabling businesses to make better hiring decisions.

Prosperix has created their VMS network with candidates in mind, with each user having full control over their career through a customizable profile. Through this dashboard, candidates can apply for invitations to jobs, schedule interviews, and track their hiring status.

Several additional features are also available for recruiters, including new onboarding and off-boarding functionality. Hiring checklists and status updates allow for more detailed assignment management, and workers can be quickly redeployed to different jobs as required.

A spokesperson for the business states: “Our contingent workforce solution brings together hiring businesses, talent suppliers, and candidates into a common ecosystem, enabling precise connections, richer insights, lower costs, and faster hiring in a cloud-based vendor management system.”

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