Garnet Valley Scaffolding Accident Personal Injury Lawyer, Legal Services Launch

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The Garnet Valley branch of Pennsylvania’s premier group of personal injury lawyers, Justice Guardians (866-918-5292), has updated its legal services for individuals who have suffered scaffolding injuries in workplace incidents.

The updated services offered by Justice Guardians Garnet Valley include specialized legal support for construction site employees who have been injured in scaffolding accidents. The practice educates clients on their rights and the variety of ways they can pursue compensation for the associated pain, medical costs, and – in many cases – necessary lifestyle changes.

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To make contact with a lawyer at the Justice Guardians division in Garnet Valley and learn whether there may be cause for legal action, injured parties and their relatives can now use a 24-hour accident helpline. Scaffolding accidents are common and the consequent injuries can be very serious – and result in significant compensation claims.

Of the estimated half million construction accidents that occur annually, one out of every five of these accidents involves scaffolding. The great majority of all construction workers perform tasks on scaffolds – as do window washers and painters. Nearly three-quarters of employees hurt in scaffold accidents, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) study, blame the mishap on either planking or support giving way, slipping, or being hit by a falling object. Spinal cord injuries, whiplash, and other neck or back injuries are among the most typical types of accidents.

The attorneys at Justice Guardians are aware that many construction firms neglect to properly maintain their safety gear, which they frequently disregard as being overpriced or unneeded. However, failing to maintain safety equipment properly is against OSHA requirements and can result in liability.

The purpose of workers’ compensation insurance is to pay for medical costs incurred as a consequence of a scaffolding accident at work – as well as a portion of the worker’s income to assist with their return to work. However, scaffolding accident claims are frequently rejected for a number of reasons, such as the employer’s choice to contest the claim.

Employees who sustain injuries in a scaffolding accident may be entitled to different types of compensation, regardless of whether they are also entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Victims can get help figuring out their options from Justice Guardians’ experienced workers’ compensation attorneys, who represent clients on a no-win/no-fee contingency basis.

One client commented: “When dealing with a personal injury, the way this law practice treats their clients is very remarkable. Thank you Justice Guardians for having amazing expertise and resolving my suit with an outstanding settlement.”

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