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Houston-based Executive Lodging (713-906-3088) provides fully furnished corporate condos, apartments, lofts, and luxury housing options for professionals traveling to the region on business for an extended period.

The announcement introduces business travelers to a wide range of long-term corporate accommodation choices, making it easier to find a location that’s close to the company’s office, and close to city amenities, too. Executive Lodging specializes in fully furnished corporate apartments and luxurious executive housing solutions that make traveling for business less of a chore.

More information is available at https://www.executivelodging.net

Travelers visiting Houston on business have a range of different needs that distinguish their trip from a pleasure stay. And while a standard guestroom or larger suite is fine for a holiday, it can make business travel more expensive and more difficult than it needs to be. With the newly announced fully furnished corporate apartments, flats, lofts, condominiums, and high-end housing, as well as personalized service and specially priced limousine rentals, Executive Lodging can make an arduous business itinerary less taxing.

Founded in 1983, Executive Lodging is the oldest executive accommodation company in Houston. Clients can book daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly stays, in a home-like environment that includes a fully stocked kitchen, full-size washer and dryer, free premium Wi-Fi, garage access, fitness center access, and detailed housekeeping service.

Sales managers even make note of their clients’ wine and cheese preferences and ensure these extras are part of their living quarter accouterments. They also make note of special requests and keep these requests on file for their clients’ future return stays.

A company representative says, “Whether you’re traveling to Houston to attend a conference, meet with a potential client, or for more long-term business dealings, you need to be close to your office, but you also want to make sure your trip isn’t all about work. We’ll help you find just the right accommodations in just the right area. Dozens of the country’s largest and most prestigious corporations, and smaller organizations too, rely on us for their business traveler’s needs.”

Business travel is not a holiday, but it shouldn’t put professionals in a position where they have only a bed, bathroom, and closet at their disposal. With a range of luxury corporate properties that include apartments, high-end housing, and everything in-between, the sales managers at Executive Lodging are doing what they can to ensure their business travelers feel at home in Houston.

Learn more at https://www.executivelodging.net

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