ReMARKable Donates Whiteboard Wall to School That Raises Focus and Employability

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Del Norte High School’s new Internship and Incubator program accepted whiteboard paint from ReMARKable, helping students brainstorm and bring ideas to life. The program collaborates with local businesses to establish relationships that develop critical soft skills while exploring real-life learning scenarios and earning college credit.

January 26, 2023. San Diego, California.

ReMARKable Coating, a whiteboard paint manufacturer, has partnered with Del Norte High School in Poway Unified School District to bring added resources to their new business program. The Internship and High School Incubator Program at Del Norte High School offers a unique opportunity for students to learn about business and innovation through hands-on experiences. The program’s whiteboard room, generously donated by ReMARKable, provides a dedicated whiteboard wall space for students to collaborate, brainstorm, and work on projects.

Del Norte’s Internship and Incubator program is set up to give students access to businesses and mentors. The students can either intern with an existing company or create their own business under the Incubator program. Both of these programs focus on:

Exploring creativity

Expanding communication skills

Growing resilience

Developing strong self-advocacy

Partnering with businesses to drive real-word experience

“We are so excited to donate the paint and accessories for the whiteboard room,” said Susan Anspach, founder of ReMARKable. “When we learned that this unique high school was promoting hands-on learning, we knew we wanted to contribute. From seeing how valuable this type of whiteboard space has been to other clients, like Facebook and Google, we can only imagine the creativity that will be generated by the Del Norte students.”

Larger companies and innovative schools often use whiteboard walls to brainstorm, have shared ideas, collaboration, and idea exchange. The whiteboard room will be used in the same way at Del Norte. Another benefit, according to child development research, of writing and drawing on whiteboard walls is improvement in visual and spacial awareness, manual dexterity, and a host of other mental and physical benefits.

“We are so grateful to reMARKable for their generosity and support of education,” said Ty Eveleth, Assistant Principal of Del Norte High School. “This whiteboard room is a valuable resource for our students as they work to bring their ideas to life and make a positive impact in their community.”

ReMARKable is a California company that specializes in providing high-quality whiteboard paint products. Their innovative solutions have transformed spaces in businesses, schools, and homes around the world.

Contact: For more information, please contact Kris Palouda, Business Educator at Del Norte High School in Poway