SecuX Nifty Hack-Proof Hardware Wallet For Safely Storing NFTs Launched

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The Crypto Merchant, US supplier specializing in accessories and storage solutions for digital currency holders, has launched SecuX Nifty, a hardware wallet designed for storing NFTs.

The recently launched SecuX Nifty is the first offline wallet that allows users to view their NFT collection directly on the 2.8” colored screen. The hardware wallet’s Infineon CC EAL5+ Certified Secure Element Chip offers military-grade security unmatched by other NFT wallets in the market.

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The Crypto Merchant’s newly added product allows crypto traders to conveniently buy and sell NFTs. According to a Wired Magazine article, NFT traders have been underserved by the hardware wallet market because they require a wallet that has a colored screen to be able to view their NFTs properly. With the SecuX Nifty, traders get true ownership display, clear-view signing, and access to their personalized NFT gallery anytime, anywhere. They can also interact with several NFT marketplaces and DeFi apps including Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

SecuX Nifty comes with a USB charging cable, an X-Seed aluminum backup sheet, and a paper recovery sheet for added layers of protection. During the setup process, traders will be required to generate 24 seed words which they must write down on the paper recovery sheet and engrave on the aluminum sheet with a crypto engraver or craft knife. Traders are encouraged to have these sheets with them at all times or leave them in a safe place for maximum security.

Setting up SecuX Nifty starts with downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play. Once the device has been activated, the PIN code set, and the recovery seeds recorded, users can bind or connect the SecuX Nifty to their phone/app via Bluetooth and start trading securely.

The Crypto Merchant says that the NFTs are created to secure digital files while ensuring ownership and creating scarcity. For example, even when an NFT is sold, the artist or musician still retains the copyright and control of the work. This means they can sell it to a secondary buyer and decide on what percentage to grant the first buyer.

The Crypto Merchant cautions investors to get reliable wallets to ensure they won’t be hacked. “It’s critical that wallets are purchased from an authorized retailer. Otherwise, they could arrive tampered or compromised,” a spokesperson said.

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