Private Equity Firm Prospect Sourcing | Deal Flow Organization Solution Updated

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Full-service M&A lead sourcing and deal flow agency OutFlow has updated services to help private equity firms increase transactions in today’s recovering markets.

While researching and qualifying prospect leads is vital to an equity firm’s growth and profitability, these activities are also time-consuming and labor-intensive. Too many hours devoted to ill-fitting buyout candidates means cutting into overall business targets. With its latest update, OutFlow introduces equity firms to a precisely targeted lead generation and qualifying service that streamlines the most onerous part of the transaction process.

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Industry reports reveal the total global value of M&A had fallen 37 percent by mid-December 2022 compared to 2021, and is expected to encounter more tie-ups into 2023. OutFlow’s updates are formulated to overcome many of these challenging by uncovering and qualifying off-market opportunities. The company leverages data analysis and precise targeting strategies that put equity firms in front of their ideal prospects.

“Your competition is waking up every day asking themselves how they can gain and take market share,” says OutFlow CEO Matt Currie. “The only way to secure new business is by having a pipeline of new deal opportunities coming in the door, constantly.”

This is the realm in which OutFlow operates.

The company generates vetted, high-value leads suited to a private equity firm’s new business criteria by creating highly targeted outbound campaigns rooted in sector-centric data. These solutions-oriented campaigns are developed based on key criteria that can include sector, market, company size, location and stakeholders, and deployed to create a database of exclusive opportunities. Compelling messaging built to resonate with target audiences secures next-step conversations and meetings.

A/B testing ensures both quantity and quality of deal flow, conclusively proven to outperform competitive providers.

OutFlow eliminates considerable exploratory phase roller coasting and referral wait times. Instead, meetings, conversations and appointments brokered by OutFlow put equity firms in a position to move forward on M&A deal flow. By generating a volume of opportunities reliably and consistently, OutFlow clients can focus their time on negotiations, outstanding due diligence, and deal closing.

An OutFlow client in the securities sector says, “Within 90 days, our securities firm transacted our first $20 million deal thanks to OutFlow’s deal origination system. Seven months in, we’ve secured four more deals and have three more in the pipeline.”

With its latest updates, OutFlow addresses capital market and M&A trends to facilitate more viable equity-led opportunities and buyouts in concert with its clients’ short and long-term goals.

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