ERTC Eligibility Assessment 2023 | SMB Tax Credit Application Service Launched

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Companies with between 2 and 500 full-time employees can claim up to $26,000 per employee in tax credits, using a no-risk application process now available from Tax Credit Checks in partnership with Jorns & Associates.

The majority of small to medium-sized American business owners qualify for rebates through the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) program, but there are still billions of dollars unclaimed. Tax Credit Checks has launched a simple application process that has helped 97% of applicants to receive their rebates for wages paid in 2020 and 2021.

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Using the recently announced tool, employers can find out if they qualify for rebates, and complete an application, with no cost unless they receive a cheque from the IRS. Each client will have an onboarding specialist to help them with the process and answer questions they may have, while dedicated CPAs complete their paperwork.

When the CARES Act was passed in 2020, it included two pandemic relief options that have often been confused as a single program. One option, the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), provides loans to small businesses. The second option, the ERTC, provides one-time payouts as tax credits that do not have to be repaid.

Originally, employers were given the choice between enrolling in either the PPP or the ERTC, but that changed when the Consolidated Appropriations Act was passed. It is now possible for companies to qualify for tax credits, even if they have already received a loan through the PPP. Unlike PPP loans, ERTC rebates have no restrictions on how they can be spent.

Eligible employers may claim up to $26,000 per employee in rebates if they kept staff members on the payroll throughout the pandemic. The Tax Credit Checks’ CPA team will help to calculate each client’s maximum allowable rebate and make amendments to their 941 returns.

The program is open to any business that suffered financial losses or temporary closures during the pandemic, including non-profits and startups. New businesses that were founded after February 15, 2020, are also eligible for up to $100,000 in tax credits, as a Recovery Startup Business.

A satisfied client said, “We own 3 car dealerships and didn’t know much about the ERTC program. Our CPA referred us over to Jorns & Associates to assist us with applying for the ERTC, as that is what they specialize in. We have qualified for over $2.4 Million Dollars in ERTC and we still have the 3rd quarter of October to file for shortly.”

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