Practical Leadership Strategies For School Principals & Teachers: Book Announced

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Times 10 Publications has announced the availability of Be Excellent On Purpose, a book that outlines strategies that school leaders can use to become more effective at leading.

The recently restocked book is intended for principals, school district leaders, teachers, superintendents, and other school leaders who wish to make an impact within their community. Written by veteran school principal, teacher, and author Sanée Bell, the book contains practical solutions that are based on real-world examples and personal experience.

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With the announcement, Times 10 Publications continues to highlight the important role that school leaders play in their schools. Studies have shown that school leadership is one of the most influential factors in student success, second only to teaching. Effective school leaders can create a positive work environment and spur professional development in school staff while also improving the learning experience for students.

In Be Excellent On Purpose, author Sanée Bell outlines the traits of an effective leader, emphasizing the importance of being self-aware, innovative, open-minded, and uplifting. She challenges readers to be intentional in their actions; each chapter in the book covers a different leadership quality, offering step-by-step strategies on how readers can make more of an impact in a leadership role.

Drawing upon her long career as a successful teacher and principal, Bell provides readers with real-world examples and practical solutions that are immediately applicable in the school setting. She acknowledges the importance of having a goal for school leaders to strive for and delineates concise guidelines for readers to follow when forming plans for their own schools. By having a clear vision for their school, leaders can empower student voices and promote a motivating environment for teachers and staff.

Be Excellent On Purpose is part of Times 10 Publications’ series on leadership in schools. The company aims to provide resources and practical solutions to busy teachers and school leaders through their books, which themselves are authored by veteran educators.

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A satisfied reader said: “I absolutely love the reflection questions and real-life scenarios that are present throughout the book. They have helped me create my own vision of the teacher leader that I aspire to be! I highly recommend this book for anyone who is trying to become more of a leader within their school communities!”

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